Coke’s Classic- in 4K

Coke remastered their classic ad from 1971. One that I truly love. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Now, if you will excuse me, I will be over here watching Mad Men. Again.



Valentines Day; a love hate relationship.

Okay I may be the only human in a relationship on the planet who is not celebrating valentines day. At all. My idea of a “special” date is literally doing the same thing that happens every weekend.

SO! I can still appreciate the beauty of Netflix and chill V-Day version…

The scary part is how well Netflix knows us. And knows our streaming habits. There is nothing healthy about it but it is what it is. So, happy streaming day!



Have we gone to far?

I will soon work in an industry that tries to reach people at all hours of the day regardless of where they are. But where does that stop? When is enough enough? When is the point where we say “okay that’s enough, we have invaded to much?”

Recently I read an article that was predicting the future of advertising and where we might end up. It was scary. Currently one of the few places left where we don’t have to see ads is in our sleep. Well sadly that may be no longer. In fact, according to a Dutch production company, that may be the next frontier of advertising.

Do I have an issue with this? Absolutely, dreams are our bodies way to process what has happened during the day. It is a natural process that can tell you a lot about your overall health. My sleep habits were what ultimately lead to my anxiety diagnosis. Those dreams are special places that are not to be disturbed. There is a line and ALL marketers need to be very aware of it.

So please, to those who came before me and currently have a stronger voice than I do; put a stop to this before it becomes more than just a short film.

Find out more here.



Ladies, Thank Nike.

Okay ladies,

This was just to good not to post.

Nike released a 2 minute ‘welcome winter’ spot and the stars are hot enough to melt the snow before it actually arrives.

I think the ad has something to do with their new super warm line that is to be available soon and thank god because it is getting frosty in Canada!

This will help you warm up I swear!

I know I am a big believer in gender equality and all that jazz and I am. So to make it fair, every person in this ad is super attractive and not because they are size 2 and super skinny but because they are FIT and HEALTHY!

Crazy thought I know!

So thank you Nike for that amazing spot! Couldn’t tell you what it was advertising but damn it’s fine.

Sorry, Skipper.


Mad Men

Hi all,

As today is Monday, I would like to share one of the many things I have learned from Mad Men.


Don Draper is trying to pitch an ad campaign plan to a client from Kodak. The product is a projector.

Here is the scene.

Here is what I learned.

It does not matter what you are selling at all. The best way is to develop a personal connection to the product for your audience. Show them how your product will bring them he past, happiness, a new perspective. Show them how your product will bring them closure to inner peace, to taming their demons, everyone has them and we all want them silenced. If you can do that, if you can develop a bond with your audience sure you will sell some product but you have touched their lives and at the end of this crazy journey we are all on; isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Just some food for thought,


The Magic of Story Telling

Today in class we watched a video on story telling and the power it has on human emotions. The video showed a TED talk. A very powerful one at that. The talk was given by the creator of many of my favourite childhood movies including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and A Bug’s Life. His Name is Andrew Stanton.


Now, as a marketing student and someone who loves to write, I am a story teller. I love to be able to make people feel things and have them engaged with what I am saying. This talk hit home for me. It is one of those talks that strikes something deep inside you and inspires you to keep going. To keep telling the stories and trying to spread wonder.

Here is the talk if you want to watch it. I would recommend taking the 20 minutes out of your day and indulging in something intoxicating.

Maybe it will evoke your soul the way it did mine.

Let me know what you think


The Magic of the Data Base

Hey y’all!

This week in my direct marketing class we have been learning all about data base software and the important service they provide. Yes, I tried very hard to not fall asleep. But it is important stuff. I swear I won’t bore you with the details I will however talk about something really cool that happened to me.

I am getting some awful cold and whenever I feel it coming on I dash to my tea shelf and pull out Cold 911. It is this amazing tea from David’s Tea that is full of awesome stuff including peppermint and juniper berries and trust me this is amazing. I had 2 cups yesterday and I feel almost back to normal today. That being said I did call it a night pretty early yesterday but that is not the point.


Anyway, when I went to find some on Monday I realized I was fresh out of my little savior as was Skipper so off I went to David’s Tea to stock us both up. I used my super handy Frequent Steeper loyalty card during my purchase a carried on my merry way.

Side note: Anyone who shops at David’s Tea NEEDS one of these cards. They are amazing!


Today I opened my email to find a little surprise. An email from David’s Tea letting me know about their Cold Season package full of all kinds of good things for those of us who are all stuffed up. Yes it could be a coincidence but I would like to blame our friend the Data Base.


Because I used my lovely loyalty card that tracks my purchase history and all that information is likely sent into a data base that helps David’s Tea target specific messages to specific customers. So thanks to my recent purchase at their store I received my lovely informative email!

So there my friends is the magic of the Data Base!

No, my teacher did not assign or pay me for this post, I swear!