The Clothes. The Love.

Okay I love my clothes and shoes. A LOT. Like major big time. Sometimes even more than my boyfriend (shhh). No I am not high fashion by any means. I simply love what I like.

Now one day when I was wandering around the inter-webs looking for some design inspiration for a campaign I was working on in class I stumbled upon the Terre Des Femme’s super awesome ads. Terre De Femme is a women’s rights group in Europe.

terre_des_femmes_aotw terre_des_femmes2_aotw terre_des_femmes3_aotw

Yes I know that they’re talking about the gender biases that women face based on the close they wear which is totally dumb by the way. If you want to let your hair down and *gasp* wear a short dress then do it! The world is your playground, girl!

But really they are stunning ads that speak volumes in a few simple words. They way they use negative space to draw interest towards the measuring words is captivating. I love how they used a pale colour pallet. This will stand out a lot in a world full of high colour ads for sure.

The one thing that I love the most about these ads is yes their message but how simply they communicate it. There isn’t a need for reams of body copy. A simple tagline at the bottom is really all that’s needed to make these ads stand out.

The sad part about this is how true it really is. It is sadly still around. I hear guys call girls many of these names simply by looking at what they are wearing without getting to know them at all. I am sure similar words have been used about me to. I would love to meet the guy who has said the words and show him that I am and never will fit any of the labels he hap hazardly threw my way because he thought he could tell the type of person I am by just glancing at the hem line on my skirt.

So hats off to you Terre De Femme! And to any guys out there who still do this, next time you need to call a girl a name because of the height of her heels, go talk to her first. You’d be surprised what you find.

Lastly to all you lovely ladies, wear whatever the hell you like, and paint the town whatever colour you want because at the end of the day you have to be true to you and no one else.


The Most Creatively Painful Experiences of My Life

Have you ever thought about how much time and energy goes into developing a creative advertising strategy?

It’s A LOT just in case you were actually wondering. It’s even more time when you are a first year student at St. Lawrence College still bumbling your way around a marketing textbook never mind the actual client meeting. And trust me this experience has been anything but smooth.

I have learned a lot from this project about working in groups and how to successfully develop ads both print and video as well as develop the actual creative plan from meeting with the client to finalizing the creative brief that will eventually be executed. The single biggest most important lesson I have learned throughout this entire project and really the whole semester is pick your group members carefully.

I was never the kid in high school who went looking for group work because for me group work meant I had to do my share as well as the sections for the other three people in the group. Stupidly when I got to college I figured everyone had grown up enough to do their share, sadly I was wrong.

I have loved every single second I have spent working on this project. I feel like this work matters and that I am paying for an education that will be worth my while and will give me the skills to do well in my career. Working with so many challenges from a client perspective has really energized me and allowed me to get really excited about trying to help people who don’t have a background close to mine. That being said working with unmotivated people on a project that runs the entire semester over the course of two different classes with two more that are very involved in the development of this project is no walk in the park. I hate conflict more than any other human on the planet and I will do almost anything to avoid it. Almost being the key word in that sentence. I won’t allow group conflict to put my GPA or reputation at risk. Sometimes it annoys me how much pride I associate with my school work but it is the one thing that will forever be very important to me. So when I have to drag people kicking and screaming through projects to just get some kind of work done it really drives me nuts. This project has literally sent me home so stressed out that I have sat and cried for hours on end from shear stress and aggravation.


If there are 3 things this project will leave me with it is

  1. Pick your group members wisely
  2. I have more patience than I thought
  3. I now know many many conflict resolution strategies


All in all I love this program and all the challenges it throws at me. I grow everyday as a person.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you during group work?

Family time loses with Virgin Mobile


So this ad really rubbed me the wrong way. In a world that is way way way past interconnected through social media to the point people take their phones to the bathroom, now companies are encouraging use to fight each other for data?

I mean yes I know the ad is suppose to be funny and all I really get that but after recently watching an ad run by Durex about reminding couples to make time for each other and turn the devices off and get back to real face time, not the Apple version, it just seems rather disheartening that this is how some companies advertise now.

Come on guys, families these days face enough pressure as it is and now we are actually asking them to compete over data and spend less time together?

Virgin mobile really knocked this one out of the park…

Ikea’s ode to Home


The Home. The place we cry, laugh, dance, love, play, hurt and just be ourselves. The only place that will always welcome you back with open arms regardless of what happened that day. It never judges, only loves and sometimes it is the only thing you can rely on.

This ad developed by the master of homes; Ikea starts out showing the exterior of different homes before the narrator launches into a description about the home and how marvelous they are. Ikea really nails this piece and hits the audience where it counts, calling on the power of emotional appeal strategies to drive home the one very clear message that resonates with every human on the planet; we all need a place in this crazy world to belong and be ourselves and that place is home.

Ikea acknowledges that everyone’s definition of home is different whether it is an apartment, house, mansion, log cabin, tent or lean to; everyone has got one and everyone needs one.

Moving around a lot as a child painted a bit of a different picture of what home is; this picture isn’t right or wrong but simply mine. Home to me is where I am and where I am most comfortable being with the people I am most comfortable with.  Now when you are 16 and moving for the third time things are a little different but at 19 and getting ready to move out for myself the definition has changed again. Home isn’t really where mom and dad are anymore, home for me right now at this point in my life is where my current adventure is.  And Ikea really appeals to everyone with this ad an shares a very important message, that no matter where you go or what you see home will always be there in whatever definition you need it to be.

My soft spot


Thanks to current events the Canadian Military has once again taken a for front in the news. Before I say anymore I send my condolences to the friends and family of Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron. Your lost will not be forgotten.

I first learned of this terrible accident while with my boyfriend normally the passing wouldn’t have hit me as hard as it had but he (my boyfriend) is a cadet at the Royal Military College of Canada. We haven’t been together very long at all but even in the short months I’ve known him it seems my sensitivity to all things military have been heightened. We were still just seeing each other during the shooting in Ottawa and as much as I will never forget that day because of the terrible event that unfolded, there is one thing that will forever be burned into my young brain; the way my boyfriend reacted. He was ready to do whatever it took to protect his family and me; a silly first year student at a public college who he had met less than a month before.

Military members are a different type of person. The sheep dog analogy is often used and it is very accurate. They are protectors through and through. That is always something I have admired about him and the rest of the military; their never ending dedication to our beautiful country and everyone who lives in it even though they will never know the vast majority of the people they defend on a daily basis.

The new recruiting ad released by Forces Canada does a beautiful job of embodying this spirit. The spot is full of passion, adventure, strength, pride, courage, danger, compassion and all the rest of the ideals that should be in a military recruiting ad regardless of what country it airs in.

But there is something special and different about the Canadian Military. This ad paints that difference so clearly you’d thing you were looking through the ice on a northern Canadian lake. They’re humble. At the end of the spot the narrator/voice of every military member I know says it. “We are the Canadian Armed Forces. That’s our job.” There is no ego stroke in that. It wasn’t said to make us sound better as a nation. It was simply said because at the end of the day these are still Canadian men and women doing what they do best; serving Canada proudly while still doing what we all do best; remaining humble.


So there is this beautiful social media site out there called Feedly. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a website that allows you to customize your internet basically. It is similar to Pinterest in that it allows you to create categories and inside the categories you add different websites to create your very own and personalized feed that shows you only what you want to see!


This is a screenshot of how my feed is organized and below is a list of all the websites I have filed under each category to help me see exactly what I want to!


Where Marketers Go To Grow

Digital Buzz


Ads of the World

Top Rank

Trend Watching

Brain Food


The New Yorker

National Geographic Photography

TED talks

Brain Picking

TED talk video

Creative Juice

National Geographic Photography

Humans of New York

A Beautiful Mess

Boston Globe Big Picture

One Big Photo


The Globe and Mail

The Guardian



New York Times



Toronto Star

Ottawa Citizen


Foreign Policy


Social Media

Pro Blogger


Social Media Examiner

Social Times

The Explorers Soul

Frugal Travel Guy

Johnny Jet

Nomadic Matt


Now for the fun part!


Overall Idea

That Sony makes amazing noise cancelling headphones for real life. I like the idea with having the lyrics in the ad and the fact that you have to really look at the ad to understand what is all going on. I think using a little bit more colour in the ad to maybe highlight the lyrics would be a good idea but overall the ad is really well done.


Image if first followed by text to create an image that allows for real life.


Black and white colouring helps depict noise in the busy street. The red in headphones draws the eye downward the show the actual product.


Text matches the everyday life message while not taking away from the image itself.


The imagery of the busy city supports the idea that these headphones will allow you to tune out the rest of the world and all its noise.


The black and white image stands out in the bright world of colour and demands attention. The contrast within the ad falls in the bottom right corner. The colour of headphones in contrast to the black and white ad makes the product stand out and helps to draw the eye downward.


The blurred, fuzzy and steam filled background helps to add noise and create the feeling of a need for quiet.


There are a lot of shapes in this ad. The small circle in the bottom right breaks up the noise of the photo subtle highlights the product.

Composition/Negative Space

There is no real amount of negative space but that is fine because it works really well for this ad. It helps sell the product well. The composition of the actual ad is really beautiful. The way the street in the background uses negative space to draw the eye down towards the lettering on the top of the bus is really well placed and from that point the busyness of the ad helps to almost create and I Spy effect until the consumer can find the rest of the words. This holds the attention of the consumer allowing for a stronger connection to the product.


Overall Idea

The idea of this ad is to celebrate Chinese New Year. Being it is the year of the sheep/ram the 2 bottles are placed beside each other to depict the head of the ram. Green is also an important colour in Chinese cultures.


The two bottles is really the center of this ad making the type follow second.


Colour is used well in this ad. The contrast of the black and white in the text makes the text stand out a lot as well as the green on the black makes for a very strong ad.


There is a lot of strength seen in this type of text. It is clean and simple but is very visually strong. It commands attention and makes for a clear and easy read.


The image of the two bottle bottoms and the ram horns in the shadows is a cool effect. It also ties in the product as well as the message clearly. But the simplicity of the ad is stunning and captures the attention of the consumer


The contrast of the colour is striking and ads a clean depth to the ad while still getting the point across. The Colour contrast also ads visual interest to the image while not overpowering the eye.


The black background ads a simple drama to the ad which allows the eye to easily and calmly take in the whole ad.


The Shape of the bottles maintains the eye in the middle of the page in order to be able to see the shape of the ram horns within the bottles. The logos in the bottom corners are easily seen but do not over power the ad in anyway.

Composition/ Negative Space

Negative space is used very well in this ad to keep the overall ad simple but still drawing the consumer in with strong contrast and composition. The makeup of the ad is well done. It allows for easy movement throughout the poster while still maintaining a striking and demanding photo.