#LikeAGirl. Always.

Welcome to part two of two! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, last week I posted about Under Armour empowering women through sport and this week I am continuing that theme.

SO! Always jumped on a similar band wagon to Under Armour with the whole “let’s get girls super pumped about having strong and healthy bodies regardless of what size” thing. I can honestly say as a consumer it works as a selling point. It really works as a selling point. Like really really well.

Anyway to get back on track here, Always released a YouTube commercial and full video about the stigma that surrounds the phrases like “you run like a girl” or “you throw like a girl”. I’m sure you catch my drift. So the director asked people, both men and women, who were adults what those phrases looked like and I’m sure you can piece that together. Basically just very weak and frilly. Then they asked girls around 10 or 11 the same questions and the results are very…exciting.

These 10 year old girls are running, throwing, fighting, jumping like themselves! It’s beautiful!

So how does this relate to marketing you ask? Well, first, great question! It’s a similar move to that of Under Armour. By showing that Always is supporting girls to be themselves and to be confident and is making a movement towards eliminating those stigma’s, it shows they care.

That is one of the best ways to advertise in today’s market. Showing the consumer that you are a socially involved and aware company to those who fall into your target area is a genius way to develop a loyal customer base. People are more informed today and want to support companies that give back to causes that the consumer also believes in.

Everyone wants there daughter to be successful and feel powerful. Always takes this and smashes it with emotional and lifestyle positioning strategies. They add a dash of branding and throw the final product up online and viola! You have a successful ad campaign that raises awareness about empowering young girls AND your brand. #marketinggenius

So let’s follow the lead of Always and make “you throw/run/jump/kick like a girl” the biggest compliment out there!



What’s Beautiful? Uh Sports…Duh

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Alrighty! I know this is decently old but I really did love this campaign and this post is going to be a part one of two kind of thing mostly because I really feel past passionately about this topic.

As a female athlete I have always struggled with body image in a different way. I have never had issues with my weight so eating disorders have never ever been an issue for me. That being said I have had a whole other issue that I’m sure many others have felt as well; the constant battle of being strong but not too strong.


Then along came Under Armour and they’re ad campaign; ‘What’s Beautiful’. This inspired me. I know now that this was the point. They were targeting girls and women just like me, using specific brand positioning strategies, in order to bring us to Under Armour because the girls who believed that kicking butt on the field and being proud as heck of the bodies that power us to do that all wear Under Armour. I’m sure many of them do. My 16-year-old self thought they were the only brand for me.

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So began my unwavering loyalty to a brand that made it okay for me to be stronger than some of my male counterparts. At 16 it is important to feel like it’s okay to be you because if when we don’t make that okay we end up with suicides and eating disorders. According to a study by Dove 60% of girls between 10 and 17 quit sports due to body image insecurities.

That is a terrible thing to hear! As a girl who has benefitted so much from sport it makes me sick that girls will quit because they don’t think that being athletic is beautiful. So thank you Under Armour for making me feel beautiful and giving me the confidence to tell guys who think an athletic body isn’t attractive to get lost. My power and the power that the women I play beside is hot and always will be.

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Just as a side note, there is a whole community developed by Under Armour that is linked above dedicated to keeping women motivated and it gives us a great space to connect and share stories and advice. There have also been competitions to redefine the female athlete, the video below shows that.

The Child Bride


Okay I’m many people have seen and heard about the Norwegian Child Bride ad developed specifically to raise awareness about child brides.

It’s a really cool ad concept and everything but is the ad that good of an idea? I mean don’t get me wrong it grabs the attention of the audience and everything but is that the best way to get the point across? Is that really ethically right? I love the fact that Plan International has taken this to an all new level but a fake blog seems to be a little bit past what is considered morally right. That’s just my opinion. Call me old fashion but when I read a blog I like to believe that the person behind the keyboard is a real human sharing their real story not some fabricated story that is designed to mock a real life event that is already terrible.

But like I said that’s just me. So check out the blog and let me know what you guys think!

Budweiser For The Win!

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Okay as a Canadian I truly never thought I would be so excited over an American beer commercial but I guess there is a first for everything! This ad is SO great. My inner white girl hasn’t been this excited since I bought my last pair of UGG’s.

The marketing team for Budweiser deserves a Nobel Prize for this gem. First off I mean who doesn’t want a puppy? They’re the best little creatures on the planet (yes I am a dog person). But the fact that Budweiser used HAPPINESS to talk about drinking and driving is so dang refreshing!

They grab the attention of every millennial out there. We love our emotional connections! The ad was all in all a huge success for Bud. It grabs the attention of the target demographic (yes millennials that means you) and keeps their attention for a whole minute! The product placement was strong enough to be noticed but it wasn’t being forced down your throat while taking attention away from the real message; drinking and driving effects everyone.

The one and only thing that bugs me about this ad is the ending. I mean come on guys? Who tells their dog that? Never once have I ever walked in my door and explained to my dog where I was and why I didn’t come home last night. I think the ending could have been a lot stronger than it was.

So the next time you stay over at a friend’s because you had too much to drink make sure you explain EVERYTHING to your dog the next day.

In all seriousness and in the spirt of this ad make good and safe choices, guys!

Hermione Granger Brings Change to the World

Recently, Emma Watson, who played one of the most beloved characters the world has ever seen; Hermione Granger, gave a speech at the United Nations Assembly. Now this wasn’t just any speech. This speech has the potential to define a generation.

The speech she gave was breath taking and shocking and perfectly accurate. This amazing gift to humanity was on one of the biggest elephants in the room; gender equality. Now I’m sure by now you are asking yourself what in the word gender equality or feminism could have to do with advertising but I think you may be surprised

You see if this whole “He for She” project works (which for the record, I am praying to every god out there it does) we will start to see a massive change in the way advertisers market to their audiences. No longer will half naked men and women who have been completely altered with the beauty of digital editing to make them look absolutely perfect and youthful in every way possible be accepted.

Finally real men and women will be able to look at ads and magazines and feel good about themselves instead of trying to figure out how many more hours at the gym or meals skipped it will take to look like those models. We may actually be allowed to be happy with ourselves as who we were genetically designed to be.

This will force the marketing world to make a positive change; they may have to stop marketing to people’s insecurities and start marketing to more wholesome values again.

Obviously this change won’t happen overnight but like Miss Watson said, if we all stand together and free each other from gender stereotypes it will happen.