Ladies, Thank Nike.

Okay ladies,

This was just to good not to post.

Nike released a 2 minute ‘welcome winter’ spot and the stars are hot enough to melt the snow before it actually arrives.

I think the ad has something to do with their new super warm line that is to be available soon and thank god because it is getting frosty in Canada!

This will help you warm up I swear!

I know I am a big believer in gender equality and all that jazz and I am. So to make it fair, every person in this ad is super attractive and not because they are size 2 and super skinny but because they are FIT and HEALTHY!

Crazy thought I know!

So thank you Nike for that amazing spot! Couldn’t tell you what it was advertising but damn it’s fine.

Sorry, Skipper.



Mad Men

Hi all,

As today is Monday, I would like to share one of the many things I have learned from Mad Men.


Don Draper is trying to pitch an ad campaign plan to a client from Kodak. The product is a projector.

Here is the scene.

Here is what I learned.

It does not matter what you are selling at all. The best way is to develop a personal connection to the product for your audience. Show them how your product will bring them he past, happiness, a new perspective. Show them how your product will bring them closure to inner peace, to taming their demons, everyone has them and we all want them silenced. If you can do that, if you can develop a bond with your audience sure you will sell some product but you have touched their lives and at the end of this crazy journey we are all on; isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Just some food for thought,


Why I am a Canadian Who is Sick of the Election.

This campaign season seemed to never end. It felt like a life time. This election was massively important and I understand that better than most. I voted and I was a very outspoken advocate about voting. But just voting.

Yes, I like many others have their opinions which they feel strongly about but unlike 98% of my generation, I did not feel the need to publicly bash other parties simply because they were the ones that I wasn’t voting for.


During the campaign I felt like every single time I logged onto Facebook I was being attacked from all angles because now just because we have platforms like Facebook it makes it okay to force your opinion down everyone’s throat.

screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-10-28 screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-09-11 copy screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-08-44 copy screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-08-20 copy

People complain about how childish our MP’s act when they are sitting in the House of Commons making massive decisions that will impact millions of lives every day but the general public is now better. Look at how we act every single time someone says something we disagree with. Now instead of voicing our opinions in an educated manor we turn OUR political leaders into degrading memes.


And I haven’t even started on the immature behavior of the actual leaders with their mud slinging ads.

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator - Thursday, January 30, 2014 Justin Trudeau removes senators from Liberal caucus Justin Trudeau has expelled from hisÊcaucus every single Liberal member of the upper houseÊand has declaredÊthere is no longer anyÊsuch thing as a Liberal Senator. The Liberal leader said the former members of the Liberal Senate caucus willÊsit as Independents,Êand they will have no formal ties to the Liberal parliamentary machinery apart from through their friendships. Trudeau'sÊdecision willÊsee some lifelong Liberals and key party operators and fundraisers removedÊfrom the party's caucus and forced outside its inner circles Ð a foundation-shaking decision in a business where power is derived fromÊmembership in a political club and the ability to accessÊits best back rooms.Ê

Long story short I too have voiced opinions that maybe were not appropriate. I am human but those we also done inside the privacy of my own home, not in a public forum where everyone was forced to listen.


This is sadly the power of the internet sometimes. It can do amazing things but it can also turn around and bite people. Gone are the days where your past stayed in the past and didn’t come back to haunt you via marketing tactics by other parties.


I love BuzzFeed but this is just to much.

screenshot-www buzzfeed com 2015-10-21 14-02-35

I guess what I am saying is please move past the mudslinging and be mindful of what you are posting.


How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?

Many of you know that I have now moved to working from home for my employer. That means I can’t punch in and out on a standard time clock which well can be a challenge.

I did find this awesome blog post the other day and well this is how I do it. I also do this for project management at school. It allows me to be able to track how many hours I am spending on what and helps me keep my priorities in check.

I would so recommend reading Hannah’s post and trying this out!


Source: How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?

The Magic of Story Telling

Today in class we watched a video on story telling and the power it has on human emotions. The video showed a TED talk. A very powerful one at that. The talk was given by the creator of many of my favourite childhood movies including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and A Bug’s Life. His Name is Andrew Stanton.


Now, as a marketing student and someone who loves to write, I am a story teller. I love to be able to make people feel things and have them engaged with what I am saying. This talk hit home for me. It is one of those talks that strikes something deep inside you and inspires you to keep going. To keep telling the stories and trying to spread wonder.

Here is the talk if you want to watch it. I would recommend taking the 20 minutes out of your day and indulging in something intoxicating.

Maybe it will evoke your soul the way it did mine.

Let me know what you think


Is it Friday already?

Hello everyone!

This week seems to have flown by faster than I would have liked but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. So as always here is what I have learned.

Be Kind


These week I have had a lot of our first years reaching out to me for help with their blogs. The blogging assignment in our program and be intimidating. For those of us who do not post frequently on our umpteen social media accounts it can be scary putting yourself and your thoughts out there for the world to see.

So when I get emails and messages of people asking me for help I could say no that I am up to my eyes as it is but I don’t. Be kind to each other. Sometimes all people need to hear is that their idea is a good one.

Make the most of all of your situations


This week I have faced so many technical difficulties I have been left wishing I was born in 1960 when the most horrible piece of tech was a typewriter. Use those as a learning opportunity. I am sure if you spend enough time swearing at a computer screen you will find a silver lining. Let me know what you find!

My Resume is awful


Just saying. It needs to be redesigned. Like bad.

Also this awesome joke:

I tried to make reservations at the Library but they were fully booked! LOL god I crack myself up!

Happy Weekend!




So many of you may know that I am a huge fan of Lush. I love the products and the whole companies mission for that matter.


We live in a world filled with chemicals. We are taught to eat organic and healthy; to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies so why wouldn’t we apply the same practices to what we put on our bodies? That is where Lush comes in. They use all natural and “naked” products for all of our cosmetic needs. From hair masks to massage bars and everything in between.

Recently however they have been under the microscope for an ad campaign that ran in Australia. This ad (shown below) features 4 naked women with their backs facing the camera. Now these are REAL women with REAL bodies that haven’t been air brushed, Photoshopped and distorted to meet the standard of an unrealistic “ideal” woman.


I see nothing wrong with the ad. Yes it shows 4 naked back sides but really people? It’s a but. It is truly not that bad. Watch a prime time TV show and you will see WAY more of some actors than you really want to or than anything seen in this ad.

But that is just my humble opinion! Check out the campaign for yourself and let me know what you think in the comment section below!