Trying something new!

Hey all!

So Skipper and I went camping last weekend and well I am trying my hand at a campsite review for work! And well because Bon Echo is amazing.

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Expereince Friday!

YES THIS ONE IS ON TIME. 50 points to Gryffindor!

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Anyway! Things I learned this week. I really miss the woods. I am one of those people now. I sit and day-dream about all the hikes I could be doing if I didn’t have to be glued to my chair all dang day. But well something has to fund the adventures so pass the super glue?


But yes this city slicker girl has transformed into a beautiful woodland butterfly. Or at least that’s what it looks like in my head. I’m sure if we asked Skipper it would be a very different picture but we don’t need to go there today!

As for work, it has been the phone week from hell. First any calls coming in on line one just didn’t happen, then the internet and the phone went down. That made for an interesting afternoon and just yesterday, when anyone phoned, they could hear me but I couldn’t hear them. Super helpful I know!


Then there is the Kijiji learning curve of 2015. If you use it as a normal person not a business it is painfully straight forward, but spoiler alert, if you use it as a business you may as well give up on uploading any pictures right now.

Yes. So that has been my week. Mix in a head office visit and no new sales since last week and you basically have a recipe for one GIANT disaster. I am now going to proceed home to my bed with a cup of tea and some chips.



Experience Friday er… Monday

Well this past week has been full of adventures!

From the usual craziness to coaching soccer and well back country camping I have a few good stories!

To start this week at work was the same as usual. Social media, website maintenance and well answering the phone that seems to never stop. I have found my grove with it all and am actually starting to enjoy it! The social media aspect keeps me writing and there is almost always more that can be done to the website so my hands are always busy.


As for the coaching well it has always been an adventure. I have been volunteer coaching for 6ish years now and this is my first year with soccer and like always, the parents don’t email you and then don’t show up and the kids have boundless energy that is not nearly as infectious as we would all like it to be. On top of that 8 year old boys have the attention span of goldfish and absorb about as much info on a good day so it makes lesson learning a real treat.


As for the camping you can read all about that here. Trust me its good for a laugh!

Keep smiling. Its only Monday,



Ontario Parks…

Many of you may know that I can be a bit of an advocate for shutting the phone off and getting back to the important people in life and well the best place ever. Outside.

Now I will admit I am a fair weather outdoorsy person. I like my sunshine and mild temperatures but I do enjoy going outside. And since Skipper has been around, my love for the outdoors has only grown.


A few days ago Ontario Parks released a video promoting an upcoming day. Healthy Parks Healthy People to be exact. Ontario Parks has teamed up with Coleman to bring this day of fun to you and your family. All Ontario Provincial Parks will be offering free day use to the provincial parks and many will have other exciting events going on.

The video is only a minute long but really shows some startling stats. 56% of Canadian children have never done a cannon ball. Those are some worrying stats and I am being 100% honest. Kids today don’t know how to play anymore and that is sad and has long term effects. Play is what helps to stimulate imagination and that is a HUGE skill. We are going to lose an entire generation full of ideas and creative thinkers because they didn’t play as kids. That is so so so sad.

I look around at my classmates and the things we can dream up and it is all thanks to playing power rangers, rescuing princesses, being chased by snow monsters and building forts as kids. With out that play I would not be the writer I am today. Play inspires imagination and problem solving.

Working where I do I see parents come in all the time to but trailers for there families to go camping in and it is really cool to see when they buy the stripped down, bare basics trailers that in no way will support anything but outdoor play time.

So this July make some time for that kid inside you who desperately wants to do that cannon ball and go visit a provincial park and maybe I’ll see you there.

Go Rving brings back wildhood

Working in an RV shop and doing the research on different camping options and tips to help with the social media sites means my ads and newsfeed’s are full of ads for various camping sites and what not.

This particular one from Go Rving Canada was really well done and reminds us all what it really means to be a kid in the summer. I believe that we live in a world that takes us away from nature and all of the wonderful experiences it provides us.

I’m not that old but I do remember being the days of elementary school. Those days I was rarely inside, especially in the spring and summer. Between the endless puddles to jump in and all the sports teams that took up my time I was only inside to eat and sleep. Back then which was only about 10 years ago I would find out where all my friends were because of who’s lawn all the bikes were on. Today it seems everyone knows where everyone else is thanks to social media. Don’t get me wrong I love my social media as much as the next person but I think that there is a time and a place for it, like everything.

This weekend my boyfriend and I went for a really beautiful, hot, sticky and long hike up at Frontenac Provincial Park. It was amazing. I loved every second of it and I loved the fact that I was in nature and not worried about the next email in my inbox or whoever needed to text me. It was nice for us to get out and reconnect with us before he leaves.

I think everyone this summer should take a page out of Go Rving’s book and reconnect with nature regardless of if you have kids.

Experience Friday…

So this week was better. A lot better actually. It started out pretty slow with mostly boring old filing and things of that nature but by the end of the week the work started to finally pick up. I know when you start a new job you have to prove yourself a little and kinda show that you can actually do all the cool stuff you said you could do in the interview. So I understand why I was bored to tears last week. Its cool, I get it, no hard feelings. So when this week rolled around and I was handed ACTUAL work that was both fun and relatively important I may have done a silent little happy dance or 3…


I spend most of my days running around the lot taking pictures of RV’s. There was around 25-30 RV’s that had to be photographed and put up on the site. And that doesn’t include all the RV’s that arrive everyday. So it keeps me very very busy, which is nice, you don’t notice the time going buy until its 3 minutes to 5 and they’re trying to kick you out. Then it’s a mad panic to see how many words you can type in 30 seconds, which isn’t many when you take out all the ones that just look like random letters all thrown together.

It is exciting getting the new trailers, especially the one that arrived yesterday morning. Its a really pretty $75,000 dollar one that is bigger than most people’s first apartments. I totally felt like I was going to break it the whole time I was standing in it.

I am starting to get to do more marketing types things. Obviously they didn’t just hand me all the passwords along with the keys to the kingdom but I get to work on body copy for some social media posts and help with suggestions so that’s pretty exciting as well!

Here is a little Ryan Gosling to help you through your Friday!

th ds

Experience Friday Part 1…the super late edition..

So the finding time to blog bit is a heck of a lot harder than it sounds! You’d think typing out a couple hundred words and having it posted in a timely manner would not be that awfully challenging but between a full time job, a boyfriend who will shortly be disappearing for Navy training and a boat load (yea that was on purpose) of friends who have arrived home from various universities, it has made free time hard to find.


The first week at this job was interesting. I have never been that much of a camper and when I did go I always stayed in a tent. I can blow up an air mattress and unzip a sleeping back like you wouldn’t believe, but put me in a travel trailer and it all goes for shit.

Last week the big thing that I learned how to do is take one of those heavy and stupidly awkward dinning tables and turn it into a bed. Now, this took A LOT of practice. And when I  say A LOT I mean like 16 tables later and I still slam them into my shins. (yes, I have the bruises to prove it.) That usually is the most exciting part of my day. I spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting at a desk sending emails containing a crap ton of photos to a web designer and entering all the little details about trailer weight online. Also, the phone literally never stops ringing.

th d

Many of you may not know this about me but I am prone to breaking myself. So I was going to punch out for lunch and sure enough the door came flying open and my hand happened to be in the wrong spot and well I have yet again sprained my hand. That happened on Thursday. My third day on the job… It all added up to being a very interesting week.

The transition hasn’t been easy though. Especially with the whole boyfriend leaving soon, work taking up prime visitation hours thing. It was a rough week. I realized just how much I a) talk to him and b) miss him already. We didn’t get a lot of time to talk especially during the latter half of the week due to many many things. I’m not going to lie, it effected us. Between feeling left out and wanting to simply say goodnight the stress levels seemed to never end. It uh its going to take some serious getting use to but at least at the end of the day, it makes me appreciate all that he does for me that much more.