YouTube and the Quest for the Golden Customer

Yea totally dumb headline but I laughed! So I saw the other day on Adweek (yes, my teachers have turned me into a marketing nerd) that the new trend to reach the ever lovely millenials is to team up with YouTube stars and shamelessly self promote. It actually makes a lot of sense. I personally have never been really big into the whole stalk people on YouTube thing but I listen to records so what do I know, right?

Don’t answer that.

The first one of these fancy new YouTube sponsorship-I-want-your-viewers thing that I saw was the Hannah Witton (she also blogs and you can visit that amazing piece of internet here) and Durex one. Holy shit I cried laughing. She is hilarious and I totally logged into my YouTube/Gmail account and followed or subscribed or nicely started stalking her or whatever the proper term for YouTube is…

ANYWAY. The video is actually pretty funny. She talks about sex *gasp* and relationships and super awesome things like that!

The other one that I watched while doing a little digging on the subject was the Rhett and Link teamup with Toyota video. HILARIOUS. I watch their stuff when I need a good pick me up.

This trend doesn’t shock me at all. Many of these channels, especially the beauty ones, have been promoting brands for a long time now. The only difference is the people who run these channels are being paid with the whole partnership/sponsorship thing. So really it is marketing at it’s finest. Take something pure and commercialize it. Simple. Ha. Ha. Yea not so simple.

But here is some puppies playing to distract you from that super lame ending! Happy Wednesday Y’all!

giphy puppies


Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Friday I finally finished up my first year of college.


So obviously I am very stoked. Finally I can sleep in, binge watch Netflix and not feel guilty about it later, did I mention sleep in? But at the same time I will miss it. I am lucky to have been hired to do full time work in my field right after first year but I will definitely miss going to class and being as crazy busy as I was. This summer will be forcing me to grown and mature a lot.

This year has taught me so so so much. Yes, school and the formal learning taught me a lot like it was suppose to do. But I learned so much more about myself.

This year I met a boy who tests me in ways nobody ever has. I would imagine any girl who falls head over heals for anyone in the military can relate to what I’m saying. It’s HARD. The uniforms are wonderful but at the end of the day they have to leave when they are told to. Yes that also means that you could be sitting in a movie theater and all of a sudden an email comes in and he has to go back to base or school or where ever he is told to.


It hurts sometimes and all you want to be mad but you can’t because you in a way signed up for that too. I got lucky though. I get to love a man who is better than the best and who treats me better than anyone ever could even when those dreaded emails arrive or another training course takes him away.

On top of worrying and occasional stress surrounding the Boyfriend, school has always been a very important part of my life and in college that equals stress!

Between annoying unmotivated group memebers, ever changing work schedules, and the endless list of demanding projects and deadlines, the stress was huge and mounting. The work never really seemed to end. Blood, (yes, blood. paper cuts are NOT fun) sweat and so many tears seemed to be poured all over the year.


Thankfully the hard work has started to pay off and I start my first full time job on Tuesday. So as I am starting a new chapter in my work life; I am now going to start a new section of my blog dedicated to my experiences this summer and into the next school year!


The 2015 Greg Awards


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the St. Lawrence College Greg Awards. Being a student at SLC and working as hard as I and many of my classmates did it was a perfect way to wrap up the.

This blog started as a terrifying class assignment that had me shaking in my boots from day one. Expressing my opinion to the word was terrifying but once I got into it I loved the freedom.

Last night I won the David Schleich Creative Writing award for this blog.

I would just like to say thank you again to my amazing teacher Mary Deacon for forcing me to break out of my shell a little bit and explore the world around me a little bit.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees last night. I had some tough competition!

Also a little shout out to Steph, for needing to be right.


Pitch Perfect 2 and the Quest for Smooth Legs

I don’t know about you but I LOVED Pitch Perfect so when I heard about this ad I could not help myself!

Please watch the ad first because I’d hate to give away to much!

So it’s hilarious. I have seen it like 15 times and I still laugh. In my opinion it is hands down one of the best and most captivating ads since the PC vs. Mac ads which are the reason I am doing what I am. But back to the ad. Like I said its hilarious and makes me desperately want to live in house where the team name is Basic Pitches. That is wonderful on far to many levels. I mean look at that house! A) its huge! and B) they sing and dance all the time and its only implied that they go to school! #nomoregroupwork you can read my rant about that if you click that fancy little hashtag!

The leg selfie does worry me a little. I personally have a hard enough time trying to avoid cutting myself so much that it looks like I crawled through a jungle on my knees. Also, the whole dancing with razor bit is freaky. Yes I know they were just props but I still could not help but cringe a little. But it all works out because if you shave your legs you will have more numbers than the stock exchange.

The ad really nailed its purpose. The agency responsible should be proud. Both Schick and Skintimate get their brand associated with Pitch Perfect and all the hype building right now for the release of the squeal, but they are also positioned in a humorous and positive way in the minds of college aged females everywhere. I’m soon to be working in the industry and even I considered buying their products on my next trip to the drug store! So they really did an amazing job with the execution of this ad.

And just because there are 37 days left until the magical release of the long awaited Pitch Perfect 2; here is the trailer!

Well ladies now my stubble doesn’t stand a chance either! Remember ready, shave, shine!