Coke’s Classic- in 4K

Coke remastered their classic ad from 1971. One that I truly love. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Now, if you will excuse me, I will be over here watching Mad Men. Again.



Have we gone to far?

I will soon work in an industry that tries to reach people at all hours of the day regardless of where they are. But where does that stop? When is enough enough? When is the point where we say “okay that’s enough, we have invaded to much?”

Recently I read an article that was predicting the future of advertising and where we might end up. It was scary. Currently one of the few places left where we don’t have to see ads is in our sleep. Well sadly that may be no longer. In fact, according to a Dutch production company, that may be the next frontier of advertising.

Do I have an issue with this? Absolutely, dreams are our bodies way to process what has happened during the day. It is a natural process that can tell you a lot about your overall health. My sleep habits were what ultimately lead to my anxiety diagnosis. Those dreams are special places that are not to be disturbed. There is a line and ALL marketers need to be very aware of it.

So please, to those who came before me and currently have a stronger voice than I do; put a stop to this before it becomes more than just a short film.

Find out more here.



An Interesting Concept…

I’m sorry I truly never thought that a beer company would be marketing moderate drinking on a world wide scale but I have been proven wrong. Heineken has done it and well they have done well.

According to the Adweek article which you can read here, Heineken’s CMO, Nuno Teles, has stated that all of us crazed millennials don’t want to be out of control. We want to be in control of our reputations and in turn, destiny’s.

There is no doubt in my mind that the biggest driver in this recent move towards responsible and moderate drinking is the fact that if you act like an idiot the odds of that appearing on social media outlets is pretty damn good.

It is really interesting just how far our power goes and these ads are a prime example of that. Heineken knows that by doing this they could potentially be losing money. That being said they are talking to millennials from the same side of the conversation. By making our new fad “cool” they have just engaged their consumer base in a whole new way. They are now going after millennials by partnering with us and trying to find that common ground to stand on. Instead of trying to change the mind of the consumer they are working with the decisions already made. Cool move, Heineken.


Watch two of their ads below



Serena Williams: Why I Love her Momentum.

This past week we have seen a lot of Miss Williams, not in a tennis match (although maybe she had one, I could not tell you) but in two new ad campaigns. One by Gatorade and the other by Beats By Dre. Now before I get into why I love Serena and why these ads are so perfect I want to say, I know sweet all about tennis. Sure I did the gym unit in high school that I was required to but to be honest its an all girls gym class in the tenth grade. How much do you think I actually learned? So this post will be about Serena as a person and someone I admire.

I have a lot of respect for her, she is a powerful women both on and off the court. I love it. I love her confidence and the fact that she does not give a flying crap what anyone else thinks about her and her body. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

In the Gatorade spot we see her growing up and her rise to success in the tennis world. It talks about her power and well just how much of a roll model she is. This one wins the match in my humble opinion by showing such a positive power.

Then we flip over to the Beats By Dre spot. This one in my opinion has missed the mark. It isn’t believable. We hear the haters talking about Serena in a way that just doesn’t match her current success. It feels force. That being said I really love her outfit so…

Take a look for yourself!

YouTube and the Quest for the Golden Customer

Yea totally dumb headline but I laughed! So I saw the other day on Adweek (yes, my teachers have turned me into a marketing nerd) that the new trend to reach the ever lovely millenials is to team up with YouTube stars and shamelessly self promote. It actually makes a lot of sense. I personally have never been really big into the whole stalk people on YouTube thing but I listen to records so what do I know, right?

Don’t answer that.

The first one of these fancy new YouTube sponsorship-I-want-your-viewers thing that I saw was the Hannah Witton (she also blogs and you can visit that amazing piece of internet here) and Durex one. Holy shit I cried laughing. She is hilarious and I totally logged into my YouTube/Gmail account and followed or subscribed or nicely started stalking her or whatever the proper term for YouTube is…

ANYWAY. The video is actually pretty funny. She talks about sex *gasp* and relationships and super awesome things like that!

The other one that I watched while doing a little digging on the subject was the Rhett and Link teamup with Toyota video. HILARIOUS. I watch their stuff when I need a good pick me up.

This trend doesn’t shock me at all. Many of these channels, especially the beauty ones, have been promoting brands for a long time now. The only difference is the people who run these channels are being paid with the whole partnership/sponsorship thing. So really it is marketing at it’s finest. Take something pure and commercialize it. Simple. Ha. Ha. Yea not so simple.

But here is some puppies playing to distract you from that super lame ending! Happy Wednesday Y’all!

giphy puppies