One photographer and Mission 22

This week has already been emotional. Skipper is off soon and that means high emotions as I get ready for goodbye. But lately there has been another high emotion, a protective one. RMC has been under a lot of media attention lately and I am not going to get into it because it makes my blood boil. I understand the situation and what it means and everything else and I know that sexual assault is wrong regardless of the gender of the victim but the situation still irks me.

I am protective and loyal by nature. Skipper calls me his golden retriever on steroids some days and so it is hard for me to watch the ad I am about to mention as well as see what is going on at the college lately. That being said it brings me hope because even though this ad is targeting American service men and women it means there is hope for them all because we need to stand behind our troops and support them through every stage of their careers because without them or world would look very different.

22 american service members commit suicide Every. Single. Day. 22. That is 22 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters taken away from their families. 22. That is 8,030 people a year. That is to many. 22 is to many. 1 is to many. This members made it home. They came back and when they come back, before they go and the whole time they are on deployment they need support. So thank you Mission 22 for doing what you do and bringing awareness to a cause that desperately needs it.

Wounded Warriors is a Canadian Non-Profit that helps returning soldiers deal with PTSD while supporting their families as well. They do incredible work every day to help our returning troops.

Remember if you don’t stand behind our troops, fell free to stand in front of them.


Skipper Sunday: a hello and goodbye

So Since Hal has decided that he doesn’t want his name to be after an army officer I have been tasked with changing his name. Actually he came up with it I just wanted to be dramatic. He also takes up to much room on my Friday posts so he’s been moved to Sunday and his name is Skipper. See what I did there? Cute right?

Anyway my little Skipper is skipping off to Victoria on Wednesday. That still seems a little surreal to be honest. I mean yes, it has hit me that he is in fact leaving. I just don’t like that it is real. It’s been hard. It still doesn’t feel like enough and I don’t think any amount of time with him will ever be. Skipper and I have been inseparable lately. I spent a little bit of time with him on the weekend. We did what we loved to do and we just got to be with each other and visited his family and it was great. It was the best way to spend a holiday weekend. But that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. 11291342_930849846972371_794892685_n

I know it’s only 2 months and I’ll have lots to do to keep me busy but it is still 2 months full of things that I would want to do with him. But the training will make him happy and that is really all that matters I suppose. He will love his time there and that is what is important. I will miss him and I really hope a small part of him misses me a little. That is really the only thing I ever worry about. I know its silly and it is only 2 months but it still sneaks in there every now and again.

Don’t get me wrong saying goodbye and knowing its coming is horrible some times. Its intense and it is NOT all “lets spend all this time cuddling and being cute together” I mean there is a lot of that but I have a job and he has other people to see.

Sadly, that does sometimes mean I’m the one sitting at home alone on my bed with a giant box of chocolate and another full of kleenex while watching the notebook for the 8 millionth time feeling sorry for myself. Other times its full of “please for the love of god stop talking about how exciting it will be out there” or my personal favourite. “I wonder if I sit here long enough looking at him with sad puppy eyes he’ll stay.”. Yea that doesn’t work. Also, hiding things does not work either. At least not in a dorm room. He will find it so… I guess this is it though. I am inside 72 hours now and that’s really all there is to say.

My soft spot


Thanks to current events the Canadian Military has once again taken a for front in the news. Before I say anymore I send my condolences to the friends and family of Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron. Your lost will not be forgotten.

I first learned of this terrible accident while with my boyfriend normally the passing wouldn’t have hit me as hard as it had but he (my boyfriend) is a cadet at the Royal Military College of Canada. We haven’t been together very long at all but even in the short months I’ve known him it seems my sensitivity to all things military have been heightened. We were still just seeing each other during the shooting in Ottawa and as much as I will never forget that day because of the terrible event that unfolded, there is one thing that will forever be burned into my young brain; the way my boyfriend reacted. He was ready to do whatever it took to protect his family and me; a silly first year student at a public college who he had met less than a month before.

Military members are a different type of person. The sheep dog analogy is often used and it is very accurate. They are protectors through and through. That is always something I have admired about him and the rest of the military; their never ending dedication to our beautiful country and everyone who lives in it even though they will never know the vast majority of the people they defend on a daily basis.

The new recruiting ad released by Forces Canada does a beautiful job of embodying this spirit. The spot is full of passion, adventure, strength, pride, courage, danger, compassion and all the rest of the ideals that should be in a military recruiting ad regardless of what country it airs in.

But there is something special and different about the Canadian Military. This ad paints that difference so clearly you’d thing you were looking through the ice on a northern Canadian lake. They’re humble. At the end of the spot the narrator/voice of every military member I know says it. “We are the Canadian Armed Forces. That’s our job.” There is no ego stroke in that. It wasn’t said to make us sound better as a nation. It was simply said because at the end of the day these are still Canadian men and women doing what they do best; serving Canada proudly while still doing what we all do best; remaining humble.