So many of you may know that I am a huge fan of Lush. I love the products and the whole companies mission for that matter.


We live in a world filled with chemicals. We are taught to eat organic and healthy; to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies so why wouldn’t we apply the same practices to what we put on our bodies? That is where Lush comes in. They use all natural and “naked” products for all of our cosmetic needs. From hair masks to massage bars and everything in between.

Recently however they have been under the microscope for an ad campaign that ran in Australia. This ad (shown below) features 4 naked women with their backs facing the camera. Now these are REAL women with REAL bodies that haven’t been air brushed, Photoshopped and distorted to meet the standard of an unrealistic “ideal” woman.


I see nothing wrong with the ad. Yes it shows 4 naked back sides but really people? It’s a but. It is truly not that bad. Watch a prime time TV show and you will see WAY more of some actors than you really want to or than anything seen in this ad.

But that is just my humble opinion! Check out the campaign for yourself and let me know what you think in the comment section below!



Self Confidence and the Beauty Industry

My Friday isn’t going to be ending any time soon as Skipper lands very late tonight so I will be posting my usual Friday post on Sunday (hopefully) as well I will be lost in Skipper land for the foreseeable future. I haven’t seen him in 2 months, okay?! I deserve a little time!

Anyway, this morning I was getting ready and well I did sleep last night the excitement woke me up earlier than usual this morning. So me being me and getting all of these crazy ideas in my head that I need to impress Skipper today, I did my make up. I know in the blog world you never see my face but my make up routine consists of a little bit of mascara and concealer so for me a full face is a fair bit of make up. And well this got me thinking. Women today wear make up as a mask. I have certainly done it as I am sure many of my peers have as well but what scares me is I take mine off, others don’t.

For 19 I am on the confident side and I have my parents and coaches to thank for that. Growing up and hitting puberty meant I, like every other 14 year old girl went through the awkward, I am uncomfortable with my new body phase, but the difference is my parents wouldn’t let me quit sports and provided me with the skills I needed to grow past that which I did. Now I am not saying it was easy, it took me years to get past it.

And I still have days where nothing I put on will hide whatever is bugging me that day but at the end of the week I love my body and all of the amazing things it does. I am lucky.

However, I find that the beauty industry, especially lately, has being doing the exact opposite of what it should be doing. It puts women down. It plays off what makes them insecure and uses models that allow for unrealistic expectations. Karlie Kloss is a beautiful women but I’m 5’6 the odds of me ever looking like her are literally impossible. But that type of thinking isn’t common in my age group.


Yes, given what today is I to spent ridiculous amount of money on new make up and I suppose that will make me a bit of a hypocrite but in my mind I am not doing it to hide. It isn’t a mask. I just want to look my best.


It seems to me that with all of this focus being on feminism and pushing back against people’s ideas of what a women should be we have forgotten that sometimes it is FUN to dress up.

I guess what I am trying to say is I wish the beauty industry would help build self esteem and stop selling to our weaknesses and start selling to our strengths because we have a lot of them.