Experience Friday

My day of multitasking!


I won’t lie I got a lot done today. How long it took me is a different story. I finally got a taste of what a career will really be like. I spent the day running around trying to accomplish a few things but life doesn’t run on the time line I need it to and sometimes you have to bend in order to get things done on everyone’s time tables. That being said I did manage to get a contest for the Greg Awards announced. You can check that out on the @slcamc instagram page!




The Oscar’s

Okay y’all. We all know that I have a soft spot for emotional appeal strategies but this one is the one. This is the ad that will change lives. Well okay maybe that is a little much but it will turn heads. Maybe I am just a little jacked about award shows right now due to my new position as Greg Award Planner. Missed that post? Check it out here.

So we all know the Oscar nominations have been announced and well my new favourite movie was nominated for Best Picture! YAY! Brooklyn is the one I am talking about just in case you were wondering. That trailer you can watch here.

However, the Oscar’s also released their new ad campaign and well it’s golden. Check it out below and then keep reading!


Yea? See what I did there with the golden thing? Oh yea I am awesome!

Anyway! We do all dream in gold. We all have dreams and aspirations. We all have a drive that powers us forward regardless of if the gold we are chasing is Oscar or Greg or Olympic. So go forth, readers and find your gold and never, ever let anyone take it from you.

Experience Friday Reboot!

I am very happy to announce that little old me will be rebooting my summer segment on my experiences! This time it will be a little different. This time I will be talking all about my event planning experiences!

Some of you may remember my old posts from last April about the Greg awards. Well this year I am planning them! I started the process today without much to report on so check back next Friday for some stories and some more news! I am cooking up something good this year and can’t wait to share it all with you!

All my love,


The 2015 Greg Awards


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the St. Lawrence College Greg Awards. Being a student at SLC and working as hard as I and many of my classmates did it was a perfect way to wrap up the.

This blog started as a terrifying class assignment that had me shaking in my boots from day one. Expressing my opinion to the word was terrifying but once I got into it I loved the freedom.

Last night I won the David Schleich Creative Writing award for this blog.

I would just like to say thank you again to my amazing teacher Mary Deacon for forcing me to break out of my shell a little bit and explore the world around me a little bit.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees last night. I had some tough competition!

Also a little shout out to Steph, for needing to be right.