Self Confidence and the Beauty Industry

My Friday isn’t going to be ending any time soon as Skipper lands very late tonight so I will be posting my usual Friday post on Sunday (hopefully) as well I will be lost in Skipper land for the foreseeable future. I haven’t seen him in 2 months, okay?! I deserve a little time!

Anyway, this morning I was getting ready and well I did sleep last night the excitement woke me up earlier than usual this morning. So me being me and getting all of these crazy ideas in my head that I need to impress Skipper today, I did my make up. I know in the blog world you never see my face but my make up routine consists of a little bit of mascara and concealer so for me a full face is a fair bit of make up. And well this got me thinking. Women today wear make up as a mask. I have certainly done it as I am sure many of my peers have as well but what scares me is I take mine off, others don’t.

For 19 I am on the confident side and I have my parents and coaches to thank for that. Growing up and hitting puberty meant I, like every other 14 year old girl went through the awkward, I am uncomfortable with my new body phase, but the difference is my parents wouldn’t let me quit sports and provided me with the skills I needed to grow past that which I did. Now I am not saying it was easy, it took me years to get past it.

And I still have days where nothing I put on will hide whatever is bugging me that day but at the end of the week I love my body and all of the amazing things it does. I am lucky.

However, I find that the beauty industry, especially lately, has being doing the exact opposite of what it should be doing. It puts women down. It plays off what makes them insecure and uses models that allow for unrealistic expectations. Karlie Kloss is a beautiful women but I’m 5’6 the odds of me ever looking like her are literally impossible. But that type of thinking isn’t common in my age group.


Yes, given what today is I to spent ridiculous amount of money on new make up and I suppose that will make me a bit of a hypocrite but in my mind I am not doing it to hide. It isn’t a mask. I just want to look my best.


It seems to me that with all of this focus being on feminism and pushing back against people’s ideas of what a women should be we have forgotten that sometimes it is FUN to dress up.

I guess what I am trying to say is I wish the beauty industry would help build self esteem and stop selling to our weaknesses and start selling to our strengths because we have a lot of them.




What Your Car Colour Says About you. Apparently…

So Adweek released an article linking to a bunch of surveys that suggest many things about your car colour choices and you.

Its interesting. Recently there has been a lot of black, white and silver cars on the road and there are many explanations for this the range from our obsession with tech to our personal confidence levels.


Personally I think it has a lot to do with the age swing. Boomers still see these colours as signs of success. The sleek black SUV or the esteemed silver sports car are still their way of showing success and their love of all things material. And like it or not they are still responsible for a large part of the population.

Apparently the car industry has seen a 7% drop in the sales of our black, white and silver friends and an increase in metallic paint jobs in a variety of colours. This could be a reflection of the population shift as all of the kids of the boomers are now investing in vehicles and in their own way rebelling against their childhood social norm.

That is just my two sense and you can read the full article and let me know what you think here.

Experience Friday well Monday I guess…

So when I left on Friday I was not really in the mood to touch anything remotely related to the internet. Since becoming the half a web designer lets just say I have learned a few things and most of those things revolve around the internet being a pain in my ass.

th 4

I use to look at the internet as this beautiful tool sent from the universe to help me write papers and well not write paper, hello automatic next episode on Netflix!


But now I have been faced with the true side of the internet. The evil, soul sucking, computer smashing, hair pulling side of the internet that makes me want to scream. So thank you web based software for showing me your true colours. And you good sir, are no better than my cheating ex! *sticks tongue out*

th 5

Lets just say last week made me long for the days where my biggest issue was smashing my knee into a table or dropping it on my foot. Or falling out of a trailer backwards. Yes, that did happen and no, I am not proud of it. So here is to hoping this week is quick and a little bit better. Skipper gets home on Friday and I am trying to not be a raging ball of I’m going to smash the world but I make no promises!

Humpday Fun!

Well its actually lets be jealous of my super awesome vacation day! You are welcome, internet!!

I am just so funny!

Anyway! My family and I took 10 days and visited a few beautiful places including Canada’s little red rock, Prince Edward Island! Other stops included Old Quebec City and Moncton, New Brunswick. The point of this holiday was to just get a way for a little while and to see apart of this beautiful country that we had not. And trust me beautiful does not do it justice. It is an absolutely perfect little island. I loved every moment of it.

Sadly, Skipper was still off in BC for training and couldn’t make it out with us. Yes I know it is all horribly sad and I missed him very very much the whole time we were there!

The whole trip was spectacular but traveling through 4 provinces that are vastly different really gives you perspective and well the ability to look at how marketing is very different depending on the region. I noticed this huge difference in Quebec the most. Aside from 99.9% of the ads being in only french the one thing that was very different was the style of them. At least where I was in Quebec City. Everything was very editorial and high fashion. I didn’t see very many ads featuring everyday normal people wearing normal clothes. Many of these ads looked like they came out of The Capital from The Hunger Games if I am being 100% honest.


It was weird to see. Growing up out west meant that I am very use to John Deer ads and others for crop fertilizer and other boy like beer ads that came on during the CFL games. So that meant that the whole high fashion ads were a little out of my ordinary. This really completed my whole European vacation in Canada experience.

Sadly I wasn’t in beautiful New Brunswick long enough to see any of their ads. We stayed on the Trans Canada highway the whole way through which made for some amazing sites but sadly, no billboards.

Now once we were in PEI the one that I noticed was their lack of outdoor advertising done in several traditional methods that us City kids are use to. Even in Charlottetown. Yes there were transit ads and I am sure the inside of their super cute trolly style buses are decked out with the standard public transit ads. But there were no billboards that I saw. Everything there is very low key and relax. I get the feeling they are more interested in being outside experiencing life than staring at advertisements that block the view.

Like I said I loved every second I spent on Canada’s beautiful red island and I truly cannot wait until I am back. From the peaceful waves of the ocean to the rich history and culture I will always miss my visit. My travels to the island helped me reconnect with myself but it also reminded me why I am so blessed to live in the amazing country I do. Canada will always be my home and my favourite place in the world to be so thank you Prince Edward Island for reminding me that I am so fortunate to be able to call this stunning place home.

Canadian Flag

Experience Friday. The Month Long Version.

So it has been a while! A long while at that. I was on my little blogging vacation for some personal reasons but I am back now and well lets get caught up! So the RV show went well-ish. It rained most of the weekend meaning that the sales guys were wet, cold cranky and sans customers. This also meant that there were A LOT of timmies runs and a very very quiet office which I had to stay at. Aside from answering the non-stop phone calls asking about the show I was in charge of getting the rest of the pictures needed for the website and working on anything that I needed to do for the web designer or the odd tasks that I had to do around the office.


I did learn a lot about how many of the business side of things run around here simply because I was the only one here to run them. A little later the accountant went on holidays to watch her daughter graduate and that means that yours truly became the accountant! Thankfully that ended quickly. Man I am not cut out for that job! Then just before my own vacation (I will be talking about this on Wednesday and the things I discovered out east) our web designer put in her two week notice so after I returned back to work on Monday I was informed that I would need to find a web designer hat and put it on damn fast. It has been a whirl wind week full of a lot of mistakes and learning as I go. Turns out Hootsuite, the web software that allows you to post and manage several social media accounts simultaneously, is not nearly as user friendly as many of my professors had lead on so god bless the good people of YouTube! I have learned a lot in the last little while about myself and many of the things I am capable off and just how fantastic and practical the education I am receiving really is. Everyday I have the chance to test the skills I have been learning over the last year. In other related news I can know set up and take down a table in a RV with out killing 95% of my body. Yes that does mean I am no longer a giant walking bruise but my dear readers my hands still get pinched every where on a very regular basis!


My Homecoming featuring GoRving and Nature Valley

My dearest readers,

I am back. I am very sorry for the delay. I will be recapping the last month of craziness on Friday during my Experience Friday post.

Anyway, to get to my point. I was looking around trying to find inspiration for a post this afternoon and after a family vacation to Prince Edward Island where I had the chance to rediscover nature and all the benefits it has had for me and those I love I decided to dedicate this post to that very thing; nature.

GoRving lately has really hit home with me, especially with their latest commercial, Bring Back WIldhood. It talks all about forgetting the tech and connecting with the magic that is nature and the one thing Canadians have always identified with. They have been posting a lot on Facebook lately. Especially with these stunning photos which can be seen below. They inspire the child in me to run off into the wilderness with my pen and notebook and dream up crazy adventure stories with my 8 year old self again. And truthfully I hope they are having an impact on others who need to remember how important nature and the creativity it inspires really is.




To follow this similar theme Nature Valley recently woke some parents up with a 3 minute video on 3 generations and what their favourite thing to do as a child was. The boomers, their children and grand children are all featured in the interview. Unsurprisingly the boomers and their children remember the forts, hikes, sledding and berry picking that they grew up doing where as the grandchildren of the boomers love their email, video games, YouTube channels and texting.

As much as this whole entire video is a little scary, there is one part in particular that is the scariest. This my friends is the fact that an 8 year old girl enjoys doing emails. Now I am sure her emails include Facebook notifications (yes, 8 year old’s have Facebook now.) and newsletters from Webkinz, but come on. I HATE my emails and personally wish they would all just go away and reply to themselves most days.

All in all I think this is a great marketing tactic assuming that your product fits into the outdoor lifestyle somehow. Even more importantly I think this is a great reminder to everyone out there that nature and the outdoors are what taught so many of us important life lessons and help to not only develop that creative mind that I and many of my peers rely on so heavily now, but it also helped develop our immune systems that battle daily to keep us as healthy as we can be.