Dear Daddy

I know this is the season of giving and happiness and time spent with family and all that jazz but in my opinion there is no better time to have this conversation. Like the girl in this spot I was raised to be strong and independent. I was told that no boy, teen or man should ever be allowed to call me names, touch me in a way I didn’t like and above all else no man should ever hit me.

I am lucky, I have never been raped, assaulted or hot by any man. However, I, like the girl in the spot, been called a slut, bitch, c**t, whore and many other awful names by teen boys who think they are funny. It is not funny. It never will be funny and well no one should be allowed to say those things.

So please watch this spot below and don’t allow the violence to start. Not just for girls either. We live in an amazing country that does amazing things and we all have the right to enjoy a peaceful and safe place to call home.

This holiday season, let’s practice peace.




A Sad Day…

Today is December 8th. 35 years ago today it was a different world. A world that knew Mr. John Lennon. 35 years ago today a great man who changed the music world forever was  taken to soon. Today marks 35 years since the horrible assassination of John Lennon.


Je suis Paris

I was going to talk about the small life lessons that I have learned over the last few weeks but given the fact that our world has once again felt the horrors that are terrorist I am going to take this time to send my thoughts and prayers to Paris and all that have been affected.

I truly hope that one day our world can one day be rid of the sadness that is terror.

Je suis Paris.