Hi! I’m Mackenzie and I am a now a second year student at St. Lawrence College. I am currently studying Advertising and Marketing Communications! I am a tiny bit of a wander who originally hails from the beautiful Calgary, Alberta but now calls Kingston, Ontario home.

I lead a boring life but the people who fill it make it all that much better. I just tackled my first full time job. So yes that comes with some interesting stories that will continue into my second year. I work at Leisure Days RV in Kingston. Yep, city kid me.

So if you’re interested in my crazy views on marketing or if you’re needing a space to laugh in. Welcome to my small little piece of the internet.

I also have a pretty little slice of personal paradise that is full of Navy blue and St. Lawrence red. If you are curious about what it is like to be in the School of Business of SLC or if you want to hear my crazy ramblings about dating my sailor you can hop on over to my other blog here.

This blog has won the David Schleich Creative Writing Award in my first year at St. Lawrence College and has helped keep me sane through many long and insanely busy months.

If you would like to contact me regarding a question, post idea or to see my portfolio please keep reading and my super awesome little contact form will be happy to assist you!


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