Today I was going to write about a lovely new coffee shop in downtown Kingston. I logged on to my computer, opened the internet and read about 3 bombings in Brussels this morning that have already claimed the lives of 26 people. I could not bare to go on and write about something like coffee on a morning where innocent lives were taking simply because they had the courage to carry out their day.

Canada recently pulled out of Syria, leaving the bombing of ISIS to other countries. I look at what happened to the people of Belgium today and wonder if we have really made the right decision. The act of terror that was carried out this morning is one that has become all to frequent.

Yes, there are many beautiful things that have happened in the world recently and yes Canada has done wondrous things for the refugees fleeing the war torn Syria, but when do we start to be proactive and protect ourselves? All the humanitarian aid in the world will not protect us when ISIS starts to hurt us.

So on the day of the unveiling of the federal budget, I ask you, Mr. Trudeau, in your budget, is there money to protect Canadians?



Experience 2015

It has been a year. One that has been full of ups and downs both personally and professionally. I have faced many tests and challenges of which I have passed and failed. But they have all been learning opportunities.

Many I have wrote about and some I have kept close to my heart but all have shown me many things about myself and the people around me.

So thank you, all. All of you readers have been apart of a year of growth for me. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

So here’s to you, the readers!

Happy New Year! I can’t wait for 2016!



It’s time, Canada

The time has come once again for Canada as a nation to rally around our team and our sport. The world junior’s are once again in full swing. This year, live from Finland. In my house we go nuts. No matter what else is going on during the holidays you can find all of use huddled around our TV watching Canada do what we do best, play hockey. In fact the only thing that prevents us from not being in front of the TV is when my brother is playing in his own games.

It is crazy really. I mean there are plenty of games throughout the year that can be watch but for whatever reason there is something special about this tournament. Maybe its the jersey’s or the national pride. Whatever it is, its magic.

With national pride and hockey comes the ads. Yes there are some good ones this year, my favourite being a Molson Canadian ad. The one below if you are curious. But I am going to take this time to show some of my favourites from the past few years.

Another is this spot from Nike in 2013

And finally another from Nike, the 2012 WJC spot.

As a Canadian, I love my beer and I love my hockey but the one thing I find more powerful than anything else is how hockey brings all Canadians together, from coast to coast to coast we all sat waiting for Crosby to score the winning goal during the gold medal game in the 2010 winter games. In fact I can still tell you how it scored and the deafening cheer that was heard across the nation that day. I can tell you that the country was all together in tears when we lost the gold medal game at this very tournament in 2010 in Saskatoon.

Hockey is one of those things that brings us together no matter the political drama of the 2014 games in Russia, or the heart break of losing a gold medal in 2010. Like Canadian Tire showed us, we all play for Canada.


Dear Daddy

I know this is the season of giving and happiness and time spent with family and all that jazz but in my opinion there is no better time to have this conversation. Like the girl in this spot I was raised to be strong and independent. I was told that no boy, teen or man should ever be allowed to call me names, touch me in a way I didn’t like and above all else no man should ever hit me.

I am lucky, I have never been raped, assaulted or hot by any man. However, I, like the girl in the spot, been called a slut, bitch, c**t, whore and many other awful names by teen boys who think they are funny. It is not funny. It never will be funny and well no one should be allowed to say those things.

So please watch this spot below and don’t allow the violence to start. Not just for girls either. We live in an amazing country that does amazing things and we all have the right to enjoy a peaceful and safe place to call home.

This holiday season, let’s practice peace.



Really? Vogue?

Okay I am all for the next generation of Canadian Prime Minister’s with fresh ideas who are ready to change up the way Canada is run. However, we are NOT paying him to do photoshoots for Vogue.


I mean come on! As Prime Minister you have far more important things to be doing with your time that posing for Vogue. Let’s all grow up and get back to work Mr. Prime Minister.

Read the full article featured on CBC here.



Ladies, Thank Nike.

Okay ladies,

This was just to good not to post.

Nike released a 2 minute ‘welcome winter’ spot and the stars are hot enough to melt the snow before it actually arrives.

I think the ad has something to do with their new super warm line that is to be available soon and thank god because it is getting frosty in Canada!

This will help you warm up I swear!

I know I am a big believer in gender equality and all that jazz and I am. So to make it fair, every person in this ad is super attractive and not because they are size 2 and super skinny but because they are FIT and HEALTHY!

Crazy thought I know!

So thank you Nike for that amazing spot! Couldn’t tell you what it was advertising but damn it’s fine.

Sorry, Skipper.


Why I am a Canadian Who is Sick of the Election.

This campaign season seemed to never end. It felt like a life time. This election was massively important and I understand that better than most. I voted and I was a very outspoken advocate about voting. But just voting.

Yes, I like many others have their opinions which they feel strongly about but unlike 98% of my generation, I did not feel the need to publicly bash other parties simply because they were the ones that I wasn’t voting for.


During the campaign I felt like every single time I logged onto Facebook I was being attacked from all angles because now just because we have platforms like Facebook it makes it okay to force your opinion down everyone’s throat.

screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-10-28 screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-09-11 copy screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-08-44 copy screenshot-www facebook com 2015-10-21 14-08-20 copy

People complain about how childish our MP’s act when they are sitting in the House of Commons making massive decisions that will impact millions of lives every day but the general public is now better. Look at how we act every single time someone says something we disagree with. Now instead of voicing our opinions in an educated manor we turn OUR political leaders into degrading memes.


And I haven’t even started on the immature behavior of the actual leaders with their mud slinging ads.

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator - Thursday, January 30, 2014 Justin Trudeau removes senators from Liberal caucus Justin Trudeau has expelled from hisÊcaucus every single Liberal member of the upper houseÊand has declaredÊthere is no longer anyÊsuch thing as a Liberal Senator. The Liberal leader said the former members of the Liberal Senate caucus willÊsit as Independents,Êand they will have no formal ties to the Liberal parliamentary machinery apart from through their friendships. Trudeau'sÊdecision willÊsee some lifelong Liberals and key party operators and fundraisers removedÊfrom the party's caucus and forced outside its inner circles Ð a foundation-shaking decision in a business where power is derived fromÊmembership in a political club and the ability to accessÊits best back rooms.Ê

Long story short I too have voiced opinions that maybe were not appropriate. I am human but those we also done inside the privacy of my own home, not in a public forum where everyone was forced to listen.


This is sadly the power of the internet sometimes. It can do amazing things but it can also turn around and bite people. Gone are the days where your past stayed in the past and didn’t come back to haunt you via marketing tactics by other parties.


I love BuzzFeed but this is just to much.

screenshot-www buzzfeed com 2015-10-21 14-02-35

I guess what I am saying is please move past the mudslinging and be mindful of what you are posting.