Ontario Parks…

Many of you may know that I can be a bit of an advocate for shutting the phone off and getting back to the important people in life and well the best place ever. Outside.

Now I will admit I am a fair weather outdoorsy person. I like my sunshine and mild temperatures but I do enjoy going outside. And since Skipper has been around, my love for the outdoors has only grown.


A few days ago Ontario Parks released a video promoting an upcoming day. Healthy Parks Healthy People to be exact. Ontario Parks has teamed up with Coleman to bring this day of fun to you and your family. All Ontario Provincial Parks will be offering free day use to the provincial parks and many will have other exciting events going on.

The video is only a minute long but really shows some startling stats. 56% of Canadian children have never done a cannon ball. Those are some worrying stats and I am being 100% honest. Kids today don’t know how to play anymore and that is sad and has long term effects. Play is what helps to stimulate imagination and that is a HUGE skill. We are going to lose an entire generation full of ideas and creative thinkers because they didn’t play as kids. That is so so so sad.

I look around at my classmates and the things we can dream up and it is all thanks to playing power rangers, rescuing princesses, being chased by snow monsters and building forts as kids. With out that play I would not be the writer I am today. Play inspires imagination and problem solving.

Working where I do I see parents come in all the time to but trailers for there families to go camping in and it is really cool to see when they buy the stripped down, bare basics trailers that in no way will support anything but outdoor play time.

So this July make some time for that kid inside you who desperately wants to do that cannon ball and go visit a provincial park and maybe I’ll see you there.


I Blinked…

So I blinked and it’s Friday again. This week has been nuts. Totally nuts. In the span of 24 hours I rode in a car, a bus, a truck and 2 trains and then an SUV. Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a business women on a mission! Lol god I crack myself up sometimes! My old rugby team needed a last minute chaperone on Sunday so I went up and took 2 trains to get home. That is how epic that story is. Anyway. I am grateful that time is passing quickly. With Skipper gone and everything I like the idea of time flying and him being home. You can read more about that here on Sunday. Just click the little blue here. After you’re done reading this though, right? 😀


Work has been good. I took Monday off to watch the games and in the real world you get to make up the time you take off so guess what my plans are for Saturday? Yep! You guessed it. My butt will be at my desk. I still am doing a lot of writing. I think I linked to the Facebook and Twitter pages in my last post but I will do that again just in case I didn’t! Things are weird around here. Getting ready for the show and all. Everyone one but me is running around like crazed fools and I’m just sitting at my desk typing up cool stuff. La de da! I do like my job. And I am finally getting more and more responsibility so that’s cool too. It is still weird though. Working an actual job. I mean it still pays minimum wage but aspects of the job I will be doing for the rest of my life. Crazy to think really. I got to write another article this week. Sadly by the time this goes up I won’t have the link so as soon as I get that I will throw it up here!


However, I do have a link to an article I wrote last week which was about a local RV rally. This one was a great start but I am far more excited about the other one. I won’t ruin the surprise though so stay posted and it will be up shortly! Working in a place where everyone is a solid 20-40 years older than you makes it hard to suggest things. Change can be scary apparently. This leads to large amounts of frustration on my end and keeping up with the Hammy theme makes me feel like this.


It is still my first job and I know I am a low lying summer student on the great food chain of the business world but it still can leave you a little discouraged.