Experience Friday. The Month Long Version.

So it has been a while! A long while at that. I was on my little blogging vacation for some personal reasons but I am back now and well lets get caught up! So the RV show went well-ish. It rained most of the weekend meaning that the sales guys were wet, cold cranky and sans customers. This also meant that there were A LOT of timmies runs and a very very quiet office which I had to stay at. Aside from answering the non-stop phone calls asking about the show I was in charge of getting the rest of the pictures needed for the website and working on anything that I needed to do for the web designer or the odd tasks that I had to do around the office.


I did learn a lot about how many of the business side of things run around here simply because I was the only one here to run them. A little later the accountant went on holidays to watch her daughter graduate and that means that yours truly became the accountant! Thankfully that ended quickly. Man I am not cut out for that job! Then just before my own vacation (I will be talking about this on Wednesday and the things I discovered out east) our web designer put in her two week notice so after I returned back to work on Monday I was informed that I would need to find a web designer hat and put it on damn fast. It has been a whirl wind week full of a lot of mistakes and learning as I go. Turns out Hootsuite, the web software that allows you to post and manage several social media accounts simultaneously, is not nearly as user friendly as many of my professors had lead on so god bless the good people of YouTube! I have learned a lot in the last little while about myself and many of the things I am capable off and just how fantastic and practical the education I am receiving really is. Everyday I have the chance to test the skills I have been learning over the last year. In other related news I can know set up and take down a table in a RV with out killing 95% of my body. Yes that does mean I am no longer a giant walking bruise but my dear readers my hands still get pinched every where on a very regular basis!



YouTube and the Quest for the Golden Customer

Yea totally dumb headline but I laughed! So I saw the other day on Adweek (yes, my teachers have turned me into a marketing nerd) that the new trend to reach the ever lovely millenials is to team up with YouTube stars and shamelessly self promote. It actually makes a lot of sense. I personally have never been really big into the whole stalk people on YouTube thing but I listen to records so what do I know, right?

Don’t answer that.

The first one of these fancy new YouTube sponsorship-I-want-your-viewers thing that I saw was the Hannah Witton (she also blogs and you can visit that amazing piece of internet here) and Durex one. Holy shit I cried laughing. She is hilarious and I totally logged into my YouTube/Gmail account and followed or subscribed or nicely started stalking her or whatever the proper term for YouTube is…

ANYWAY. The video is actually pretty funny. She talks about sex *gasp* and relationships and super awesome things like that!

The other one that I watched while doing a little digging on the subject was the Rhett and Link teamup with Toyota video. HILARIOUS. I watch their stuff when I need a good pick me up.

This trend doesn’t shock me at all. Many of these channels, especially the beauty ones, have been promoting brands for a long time now. The only difference is the people who run these channels are being paid with the whole partnership/sponsorship thing. So really it is marketing at it’s finest. Take something pure and commercialize it. Simple. Ha. Ha. Yea not so simple.

But here is some puppies playing to distract you from that super lame ending! Happy Wednesday Y’all!

giphy puppies