Christmas Marketing!

Well it is that time of the year again. The very best time of the year! It is Christmas time! Given today is December 1 I thought that I would throw up a post on one of my favourite parts of the holidays; the ads.

This lovely one is from a supermarket in Germany. The spot is well hard hitting to say the least. It is something and I won’t give it away. However, I will say that it really reminds you of the most important part of the holiday season; spending time with the ones you love.





Writing, Writing and More Writing!

This week was weird. Mostly because Monday was the holiday and I, for whatever reason, get all messed up when I have a day off. Although I will be forever grateful for that time which I will explain in my post tomorrow. Now, back to the good stuff.


Work is mostly the same. A lot of pictures and descriptions of trailers that needed to be done. Also, IT HAPPENED. Ladies and Gentlemen. There are 2 posts that I wrote on the Facebook and Twitter site. Yep I am awesome. Not really actually it took a lot of changes to get them to where they are but they are up and I think its cool.


I mean I get to write and I get to write and then I get paid to write so what could possible be wrong with that?

That is really all that happened this week because well it was 4 days long.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!