Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of us Canadian’s this weekend marks the first awesome food festival of the fall: Thanksgiving. It is one of my absolute favourite weekends of the year. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and instead of my usual posts I am going to talk about all the amazing things I am thankful for.


I have been blessed with an amazing family who redefines the definition of support. Without them I would not be as successful as I am today.

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I have the most amazing friends on the face of the planet. You guys know who you are. From listening to me complain about Skipper and those challenges to celebrating my successes and theirs to dancing ridiculously to Taylor Swift or well having one too many on St. Patty’s day. These girls are what make the stress bearable and the fun far funnier than it really needs to be.

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Well he is the best and as much as sometimes I want to smack him, he always comes through for me when I need him. Besides he can always make me smile and what is more important in life than that?



I am very lucky to have been born in Canada so I would have the opportunity to not only attend public school but also post secondary. Many girls around the world do not have the same opportunities in life that I do simply because they are girls and that is the worst reason to be excluded from learning.

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The right to vote

I am so thankful for all the women who came before me and fought for me to have the same rights as men. Especially for the right to do what is the most important civil duty we as Canadians have: voting. I will cast my educated ballot in this election and honor the memory of the powerful and outspoken women who battled to give me this right.

Being born a Canadian

As I get older and continue to look around the world at the way various countries work I grow more and more grateful to have been born a Canadian. We take it for granted but really we are truly lucky. There are no civil wars, no ethnic cleansing’s, and no invasions. We are allowed to love whomever we choose to. Practice whatever religion we would like. As women we are given the same opportunities as men to go to school, join the work force, enlist in the military, work as a first responder, run for Prime Minister or simply be a mom. We can choose to do anything we want. Many people around the world are not nearly as lucky as we Canadians are.

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So this Thanksgiving make sure to count your blessings because as Canadians we are blessed with what we have. Enjoy the time with your family and tell those you love just how important they are. Life is to short to focus on the negatives.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!



Experience Friday. From Toronto.

Hi All,

So last week didn’t happen because well I was taking a vacation from life while I visited my 2 amazing and beautiful best friends in Toronto for the weekend. So here is what I learned:


Second Year Comes with Higher Expectations


For any first years who are reading this; be prepared. It is not all sunshine and rainbows. More is expected and you have to up your game to stay with it. I worked a lot a head so I didn’t have to think while I was away and I thought I would be totally fine… For the most part I was but missing even one class felt like I was a month behind and I even read the lectures!

Make Your Plan with Room


When I was making out my weekly plan last Sunday night to make sure I would have everything done and ready to go on time, I gave myself a buffer day. I planned to have a week and a half’s worth of work done in 3 days. It was the best thing I ever did. Aiming to have everything done and ready to be handed in Wednesday by 5 meant that when life happened and something was going to have to wait, I wasn’t left freaking out and panicking.

Sometimes You Just Really Need a Break


Life can suck sometimes and it can leave you grasping for air. The air I was grasping for was space from my real life and spending time with my friends. This allowed me to forget everything that was going on and just be me for a little while.

Taylor Swift is a Goddess


If I need to explain this… well… just no.

Sometimes You don’t Need the Support You Think You do


Last week I received an award for Academic Excellence in my first year at SLC. For me, that was a very proud moment and I thought that I would need Skipper there. Turns out the military life got in the way and Skipper couldn’t come. As much as I hate to admit this, I did just fine on my own. Skipper if you are reading this I am still upset.


And now a note from Skipper:

She’s wasn’t lying, it took a large amount of chocolate to quell this storm – Shout out to spin desserts in Kingston!

Experience Wednesday…

It has been a while dear readers. I am sorry for that but a lot has gone on. This will be one of my last experience posts of the summer. I am sure I will continue this into the fall as I am staying on at my “summer job”!

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But I will first catch you up on the wild and crazy experiences of this old soul!

So! We had a slight social media melt down 2 weeks ago regarding a comment my boss had made that was blown wickedly out of proportion. Now, on top of many things like how awful people can really be when sitting behind a key board, I also learned that I will NEVER work in PR. It is a very hard job and no matter what you do people are going to be screaming for your head to be on a spike. Many I’ve been watching to much Reign lately but it’s true. They all come running with torches and pitch forks while safely sitting behind their key boards.


An old friend of mine came to visit this past week and that taught me a lot about myself and life in general. I have changed a lot since moving to Ontario. I guess moving when you’re 16 while in your developmental years means that you will change and grow. I am not the same person I was at 16 and that is for the better. I have amazing friends here and I have built a life for myself that will make leaving very hard. The one thing I did realize is that leaving Saskatchewan was the best thing my parents ever did for me. The friend is exactly the same as she use to be. And no disrespect to her, it is all a personal choice and one that I will never judge but I did change and I grew up and embraced my new life with open arms and that now means that our friendship isn’t the same that it use to be. Many that is for the best, it is hard to say right now.


I realized while she was here just how lucky I truly am to have what I do. I have this amazing life that I built with amazing people. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend a college with the support my parents have so kindly given me. That’s not to say my life is this magical fairy world with no challenges but compared to many I have none.

My yoga practice has taken off nicely and trust me you learn more about your body during a 75 minute class than you ever wanted to know. But it gives you building blocks for your life from breathing exercises that will get you through any exam ever to remembering that you can’t change everything but you can sure stretch it out.

So all in all it has been a very eventful 2 weeks and I cannot wait to find out what is in store for me in the very near future.