An update!

So my time has been spent lately on a million different projects that has left me very little time for my blog. 😦 Don’t fear! I am back and looking and alive.

Even though I have not been actively writing I have been actively reading and well I have loved what I have seen. The first years in my program are talented and opinionated and I am loving it!

There are two in particular that I am dying to talk about. The first is A Free Writer by Ben Gooding.

Why I love it!

It is witty and light but well written. Yes, I am slightly biased due to the lovely fact that well it is full of my favourite nerd universes such as Harry Potter, Batman AND Star Wars! It is also just funny and enjoyable to read. Ben does a wonderful job of infusing humor into his writing to make it personable and warm. I truly cannot wait to keep reading!

The second is Effective Marketing and Current Events by Kristen Walt.

Why I love it!

It’s personable, it’s real, it’s up to date and most importantly it is interactive! Kristen does a fantastic job of weaving real life and her experiences into her posts and stories. She makes sure she can interact with her readers through polls and videos and is not afraid to voice her opinion. I also cannot wait to hear more!

Please check out the fabulous student talent and help support these young writers!

Happy reading!




My interview with Don Ross

Don Ross is the Vice Chair at the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve or FAB for short. FAB is a non-profit organization that protects the Frontenac Arch. This arch is an ancient granite bridge that connects the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains. It is rich with natural history and biodiversity.

In 2002 the land became recognized as a Biosphere Reserve area. Since then FAB has been protecting globally important heritage and natural landscapes.

I wanted to speak to Don because of the important work he has done in the  area. I personally have benefitted by this work as I am an avoid hiker on lands that FAB owns.

It took a while to actually get the interview as he is a very busy person. However, by being polity persistent and several emails I was able to get in touch with Don. I sent an initial email, followed by a phone call a few days later, then another 2 emails before I finally got a positive response.

The big take away I pulled from our conversation is “the power of one is underrated” to me that means that regardless of what anyone else says, if you see a need, have idea or dream a dream; chase it. You may not change the world all on your own but all the small changes add up and if everyone is prepared to make the little changes, big things will happen.

I am very interested in working in this side of the industry so having this connection is key to my success in being able to eventually work for similar companies.

Following this interview and blog post I will send a thank you card and remain in touch with Don about future volunteer opportunities.

Je suis Paris

I was going to talk about the small life lessons that I have learned over the last few weeks but given the fact that our world has once again felt the horrors that are terrorist I am going to take this time to send my thoughts and prayers to Paris and all that have been affected.

I truly hope that one day our world can one day be rid of the sadness that is terror.

Je suis Paris.



Experience Friday: Halloween

So last week was the week leading up to Halloween and well there is a lot to be learned from the sugar infused holiday.

Let your freak flag fly.


Halloween is the one time of year we can be whoever we want. There is no judgment, no one to tell you ‘you’re doing it wrong’ there is no reason to not be whoever you want. So be the book character you wish could be your best friend or that movie star you hope you can one day be like and you know what of Malala is your role model then you do you and be her.

Don’t be afraid to ask


A lot can be learned from the hoards of kids running around knocking on doors begging for candy. There is nothing wrong for asking for things that you deserve.

Never forget the people you love


Halloween when you are 19 is the biggest excuse to get wicked drunk and party your face off. But sometimes you have to do things for the people you care about that don’t involve a drop of alcohol and driving your drunken boyfriend home at 3 am while he sings the monster mash at the top of his lungs. Yes, Skipper, you owe me.

At the end of the day it is always the people around you who make it all worth it.