Going back…

This Thursday I went back to my old high school. This time on my own to give a presentation to a class full of students who are getting ready to graduate. While I was presenting I remembered what it was like to sit in their seats. I took that very same class two years ago and heard a similar presentation on blogging and never in a million years did 17-year-old me believe that I would be blogging let alone win awards for it and then be giving talk on how to blog.

Below is about as wild as I got. Semi-Formal and I was stone cold sober. I guess another piece of advice I would give to myself at 17 is, there will be lots of time to get drunk and not remember nights. Enjoy these ones while you can because everything is about to change.


My amazing twin and I. Miss you, darling ❤

It made me realize just how much life changes when you leave the comfortable halls of high school. If there is anything I would say to 17 year old me or to any of the 17-year-olds sitting in that class Thursday morning listening to my talk on how to blog it would be this: let the world hear your voice. It is an amazing thing to say what you feel. It is empowering and freeing. Trust me, it is.

I was the kid who has always loved to write but has always been terrified of sharing my voice and my work with the world. In my classes I rarely shared my work and if I did it was usually only with the teacher and only because I had no choice. Then college happened and all of a sudden I was in a new environment with new people and I realized that eventually if I was going to be successful I was going to have to share my work. Then this blog happened and it gave me an outlet to do so and slowly develop my voice. I have and now it isn’t so scarring in fact it has become therapeutic.

So to all the 17-year-olds never ever be afraid to share your voice and try something new. Your perspective is important and needed. Your experiences are unique and deserved to be shared. As I writer I ask you to share your gift with the world, let us learn from your mistakes with you. Let us grow with you and let us experience along side you. There is nothing more powerful in this world than an empowered voice.


An update!

So my time has been spent lately on a million different projects that has left me very little time for my blog. 😦 Don’t fear! I am back and looking and alive.

Even though I have not been actively writing I have been actively reading and well I have loved what I have seen. The first years in my program are talented and opinionated and I am loving it!

There are two in particular that I am dying to talk about. The first is A Free Writer by Ben Gooding.

Why I love it!

It is witty and light but well written. Yes, I am slightly biased due to the lovely fact that well it is full of my favourite nerd universes such as Harry Potter, Batman AND Star Wars! It is also just funny and enjoyable to read. Ben does a wonderful job of infusing humor into his writing to make it personable and warm. I truly cannot wait to keep reading!

The second is Effective Marketing and Current Events by Kristen Walt.

Why I love it!

It’s personable, it’s real, it’s up to date and most importantly it is interactive! Kristen does a fantastic job of weaving real life and her experiences into her posts and stories. She makes sure she can interact with her readers through polls and videos and is not afraid to voice her opinion. I also cannot wait to hear more!

Please check out the fabulous student talent and help support these young writers!

Happy reading!



How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?

Many of you know that I have now moved to working from home for my employer. That means I can’t punch in and out on a standard time clock which well can be a challenge.

I did find this awesome blog post the other day and well this is how I do it. I also do this for project management at school. It allows me to be able to track how many hours I am spending on what and helps me keep my priorities in check.

I would so recommend reading Hannah’s post and trying this out!


Source: How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?

The Magic of Story Telling

Today in class we watched a video on story telling and the power it has on human emotions. The video showed a TED talk. A very powerful one at that. The talk was given by the creator of many of my favourite childhood movies including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and A Bug’s Life. His Name is Andrew Stanton.


Now, as a marketing student and someone who loves to write, I am a story teller. I love to be able to make people feel things and have them engaged with what I am saying. This talk hit home for me. It is one of those talks that strikes something deep inside you and inspires you to keep going. To keep telling the stories and trying to spread wonder.

Here is the talk if you want to watch it. I would recommend taking the 20 minutes out of your day and indulging in something intoxicating.

Maybe it will evoke your soul the way it did mine.

Let me know what you think


I Blinked…

So I blinked and it’s Friday again. This week has been nuts. Totally nuts. In the span of 24 hours I rode in a car, a bus, a truck and 2 trains and then an SUV. Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a business women on a mission! Lol god I crack myself up sometimes! My old rugby team needed a last minute chaperone on Sunday so I went up and took 2 trains to get home. That is how epic that story is. Anyway. I am grateful that time is passing quickly. With Skipper gone and everything I like the idea of time flying and him being home. You can read more about that here on Sunday. Just click the little blue here. After you’re done reading this though, right? 😀


Work has been good. I took Monday off to watch the games and in the real world you get to make up the time you take off so guess what my plans are for Saturday? Yep! You guessed it. My butt will be at my desk. I still am doing a lot of writing. I think I linked to the Facebook and Twitter pages in my last post but I will do that again just in case I didn’t! Things are weird around here. Getting ready for the show and all. Everyone one but me is running around like crazed fools and I’m just sitting at my desk typing up cool stuff. La de da! I do like my job. And I am finally getting more and more responsibility so that’s cool too. It is still weird though. Working an actual job. I mean it still pays minimum wage but aspects of the job I will be doing for the rest of my life. Crazy to think really. I got to write another article this week. Sadly by the time this goes up I won’t have the link so as soon as I get that I will throw it up here!


However, I do have a link to an article I wrote last week which was about a local RV rally. This one was a great start but I am far more excited about the other one. I won’t ruin the surprise though so stay posted and it will be up shortly! Working in a place where everyone is a solid 20-40 years older than you makes it hard to suggest things. Change can be scary apparently. This leads to large amounts of frustration on my end and keeping up with the Hammy theme makes me feel like this.


It is still my first job and I know I am a low lying summer student on the great food chain of the business world but it still can leave you a little discouraged.

The Blur Week

Wow I cannot believe its Friday already. This week has been a ride. On a work front it has been really fantastic. I have been doing a lot of writing lately and I am finding my grove with it. I don’t really have any funny stories for you as I have been pretty distracted lately!


It finally happened though. An article I wrote is finally up on the site which is beyond amazing. You can read it here if you want to!

It’s surreal to think that I could spend the rest of my life writing and doing what I love. It has always been a passion of mine to do this. I love to write and tell stories, I always have and now to be heading into a career where I could be doing that every day is more than a dream come true. I am so lucky to be able to love what I do. I mean the current job isn’t my dream job. It is hard to write in the space I have but it pays well, its a solid distraction with Skipper gone and it is experience and that my dear readers is the most important piece of the puzzle. I can say that I have mastered the building of a dinette bed thingy though! No more nasty bruises! Thank the lord! I also have some very exciting news coming on Sunday! So stay tuned!

Writing, Writing and More Writing!

This week was weird. Mostly because Monday was the holiday and I, for whatever reason, get all messed up when I have a day off. Although I will be forever grateful for that time which I will explain in my post tomorrow. Now, back to the good stuff.


Work is mostly the same. A lot of pictures and descriptions of trailers that needed to be done. Also, IT HAPPENED. Ladies and Gentlemen. There are 2 posts that I wrote on the Facebook and Twitter site. Yep I am awesome. Not really actually it took a lot of changes to get them to where they are but they are up and I think its cool.


I mean I get to write and I get to write and then I get paid to write so what could possible be wrong with that?

That is really all that happened this week because well it was 4 days long.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!