Trying something new!

Hey all!

So Skipper and I went camping last weekend and well I am trying my hand at a campsite review for work! And well because Bon Echo is amazing.

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My Homecoming featuring GoRving and Nature Valley

My dearest readers,

I am back. I am very sorry for the delay. I will be recapping the last month of craziness on Friday during my Experience Friday post.

Anyway, to get to my point. I was looking around trying to find inspiration for a post this afternoon and after a family vacation to Prince Edward Island where I had the chance to rediscover nature and all the benefits it has had for me and those I love I decided to dedicate this post to that very thing; nature.

GoRving lately has really hit home with me, especially with their latest commercial, Bring Back WIldhood. It talks all about forgetting the tech and connecting with the magic that is nature and the one thing Canadians have always identified with. They have been posting a lot on Facebook lately. Especially with these stunning photos which can be seen below. They inspire the child in me to run off into the wilderness with my pen and notebook and dream up crazy adventure stories with my 8 year old self again. And truthfully I hope they are having an impact on others who need to remember how important nature and the creativity it inspires really is.




To follow this similar theme Nature Valley recently woke some parents up with a 3 minute video on 3 generations and what their favourite thing to do as a child was. The boomers, their children and grand children are all featured in the interview. Unsurprisingly the boomers and their children remember the forts, hikes, sledding and berry picking that they grew up doing where as the grandchildren of the boomers love their email, video games, YouTube channels and texting.

As much as this whole entire video is a little scary, there is one part in particular that is the scariest. This my friends is the fact that an 8 year old girl enjoys doing emails. Now I am sure her emails include Facebook notifications (yes, 8 year old’s have Facebook now.) and newsletters from Webkinz, but come on. I HATE my emails and personally wish they would all just go away and reply to themselves most days.

All in all I think this is a great marketing tactic assuming that your product fits into the outdoor lifestyle somehow. Even more importantly I think this is a great reminder to everyone out there that nature and the outdoors are what taught so many of us important life lessons and help to not only develop that creative mind that I and many of my peers rely on so heavily now, but it also helped develop our immune systems that battle daily to keep us as healthy as we can be.

Go Rving brings back wildhood

Working in an RV shop and doing the research on different camping options and tips to help with the social media sites means my ads and newsfeed’s are full of ads for various camping sites and what not.

This particular one from Go Rving Canada was really well done and reminds us all what it really means to be a kid in the summer. I believe that we live in a world that takes us away from nature and all of the wonderful experiences it provides us.

I’m not that old but I do remember being the days of elementary school. Those days I was rarely inside, especially in the spring and summer. Between the endless puddles to jump in and all the sports teams that took up my time I was only inside to eat and sleep. Back then which was only about 10 years ago I would find out where all my friends were because of who’s lawn all the bikes were on. Today it seems everyone knows where everyone else is thanks to social media. Don’t get me wrong I love my social media as much as the next person but I think that there is a time and a place for it, like everything.

This weekend my boyfriend and I went for a really beautiful, hot, sticky and long hike up at Frontenac Provincial Park. It was amazing. I loved every second of it and I loved the fact that I was in nature and not worried about the next email in my inbox or whoever needed to text me. It was nice for us to get out and reconnect with us before he leaves.

I think everyone this summer should take a page out of Go Rving’s book and reconnect with nature regardless of if you have kids.