Valentines Day; a love hate relationship.

Okay I may be the only human in a relationship on the planet who is not celebrating valentines day. At all. My idea of a “special” date is literally doing the same thing that happens every weekend.

SO! I can still appreciate the beauty of Netflix and chill V-Day version…

The scary part is how well Netflix knows us. And knows our streaming habits. There is nothing healthy about it but it is what it is. So, happy streaming day!




Experience Friday

My day of multitasking!


I won’t lie I got a lot done today. How long it took me is a different story. I finally got a taste of what a career will really be like. I spent the day running around trying to accomplish a few things but life doesn’t run on the time line I need it to and sometimes you have to bend in order to get things done on everyone’s time tables. That being said I did manage to get a contest for the Greg Awards announced. You can check that out on the @slcamc instagram page!



Experience Friday Reboot!

I am very happy to announce that little old me will be rebooting my summer segment on my experiences! This time it will be a little different. This time I will be talking all about my event planning experiences!

Some of you may remember my old posts from last April about the Greg awards. Well this year I am planning them! I started the process today without much to report on so check back next Friday for some stories and some more news! I am cooking up something good this year and can’t wait to share it all with you!

All my love,


Really? Vogue?

Okay I am all for the next generation of Canadian Prime Minister’s with fresh ideas who are ready to change up the way Canada is run. However, we are NOT paying him to do photoshoots for Vogue.


I mean come on! As Prime Minister you have far more important things to be doing with your time that posing for Vogue. Let’s all grow up and get back to work Mr. Prime Minister.

Read the full article featured on CBC here.



An update!

So my time has been spent lately on a million different projects that has left me very little time for my blog. 😦 Don’t fear! I am back and looking and alive.

Even though I have not been actively writing I have been actively reading and well I have loved what I have seen. The first years in my program are talented and opinionated and I am loving it!

There are two in particular that I am dying to talk about. The first is A Free Writer by Ben Gooding.

Why I love it!

It is witty and light but well written. Yes, I am slightly biased due to the lovely fact that well it is full of my favourite nerd universes such as Harry Potter, Batman AND Star Wars! It is also just funny and enjoyable to read. Ben does a wonderful job of infusing humor into his writing to make it personable and warm. I truly cannot wait to keep reading!

The second is Effective Marketing and Current Events by Kristen Walt.

Why I love it!

It’s personable, it’s real, it’s up to date and most importantly it is interactive! Kristen does a fantastic job of weaving real life and her experiences into her posts and stories. She makes sure she can interact with her readers through polls and videos and is not afraid to voice her opinion. I also cannot wait to hear more!

Please check out the fabulous student talent and help support these young writers!

Happy reading!



Mad Men

Hi all,

As today is Monday, I would like to share one of the many things I have learned from Mad Men.


Don Draper is trying to pitch an ad campaign plan to a client from Kodak. The product is a projector.

Here is the scene.

Here is what I learned.

It does not matter what you are selling at all. The best way is to develop a personal connection to the product for your audience. Show them how your product will bring them he past, happiness, a new perspective. Show them how your product will bring them closure to inner peace, to taming their demons, everyone has them and we all want them silenced. If you can do that, if you can develop a bond with your audience sure you will sell some product but you have touched their lives and at the end of this crazy journey we are all on; isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Just some food for thought,


How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?

Many of you know that I have now moved to working from home for my employer. That means I can’t punch in and out on a standard time clock which well can be a challenge.

I did find this awesome blog post the other day and well this is how I do it. I also do this for project management at school. It allows me to be able to track how many hours I am spending on what and helps me keep my priorities in check.

I would so recommend reading Hannah’s post and trying this out!


Source: How Many Hours Do I Work Per Week?