A Coke Christmas Lesson

Coke has always been known for hitting us all in the feels time and time again. It seems every Christmas I am sitting waiting anxiously to see the new Coke ad. This year, like many before, they do not disappoint.

I love this ad and all the things it reminds us of. It seems that every year during the Christmas season, communities and people in general, come together in a more giving way. So in the spirit of the season I have posted some of my favourite Coke Christmas ads.

Coke Christmas 2012

Coke Christmas 2010

Coke Christmas 2014

And my all time favourite…

Coke Christmas 1970



Christmas Marketing!

Well it is that time of the year again. The very best time of the year! It is Christmas time! Given today is December 1 I thought that I would throw up a post on one of my favourite parts of the holidays; the ads.

This lovely one is from a supermarket in Germany. The spot is well hard hitting to say the least. It is something and I won’t give it away. However, I will say that it really reminds you of the most important part of the holiday season; spending time with the ones you love.




Christmas according to WestJet

Last year WestJet released a video of them surprising a flight full of customers heading to the Calgary airport. In the video they set up a live video feed to Santa in a WestJet blue suit. Santa encouraged the travels to share their Christmas wishes with him before they jetted off to their future destination.

WestJet employees took notes on all the wishes of the customers and headed to various locations across Calgary to turn these wishes into a surprising and happy reality at baggage claim in the always beautiful and welcoming Calgary airport. The amazing WestJet staff made sure they covered all wishes big and small to bring holiday joy to all their customers that day. Gifts ranging from warm scarfs to flights home for the holidays to big screen TV’s were given out as snow fell around carousal 8.

Last years video makes me get all teary eyed every time I watch it. Yes, it partly has to do with the fact that Calgary will forever and always be my home and that magical airport is always the first thing I see when I finally get to breathe in that mountain air. But the magic of giving is so alive in this video so when WestJet released this year’s video I just could not contain myself!

This year’s video takes the same idea but to a very poor village. It is very heart warming what they do for this village and I won’t give anything away so make sure you watch it! These video’s are fantastic. They really show how much WestJet does care about their customers and with them it really isn’t about a sales pitch. I have yet to have a flight go poorly with them. Unlike many other airlines they have never lost my bags and they have actually held a gate open for a connecting flight because the previous one was delayed.

WestJet really does care and yes these videos are to attract customers and develop brand loyalty and all the other things that are wound inside the heads of their fabulous marketing team. It really isn’t about that at all. It’s about the spirit of the season and that sometimes showing that you do care can go a very long way.

Grab some tissues and enjoy, guys!

Sainsbury’s Christmas Miracle


Supporting our troops has always been a very important cause to my family. Growing up my grandmother would never shy away from telling the stories of World War II. Sadly I never had the chance to hear the stories that many of my late relatives had from World War I. Now that I have a boyfriend who will shortly be a full time member, the cause has hit even closer to home.

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, Sainsbury, a supermarket chain in the UK, has recently released an advert that has taken over the internet. This ad shows a Christmas in the trenches of WWI through the eyes of british and german soldiers. It is a beautifully master pieced ad that shows the true meaning of the Christmas spirit; bringing forth two topics that will always be near and dear to my heart. Christmas and supporting our current troops and veterans regardless of what country we live in.

So enjoy your Christmas spirit and splendour!

A very Apple Christmas

Okay! So this weekend marked huge events in the fantastic Christmas season! Toronto lit up Dundas Square with the annual tree lighting event. Snow fell peacefully atop the thousands that lined the parade route to catch a glimpse of the magic that is the Santa Claus parade. In honor of my sheer love of this amazing season I have included one of my all-time favourite Apple ads.

This ad ran last Christmas. It was literally everywhere; Facebook, YouTube, twitter, TV. You name it, this ad was there.

Apple has been known for tugging at our heart strings on a regular basis but there is something so special about this one. Sure it’s a Christmas ad and everyone with a soul loves Christmas. There is something so enchanting about the gift this young boy gives his family when they are all convinced he is on his “snap chatter”, as my father calls my iPhone, ignoring the family.

They are so so so wrong and I love it!

This boy gave his family the ultimate gift: a video that shows all the love in that house and this season. I get all emotional every time I see it. Not that it’s hard but the fact that Apple can evoke such strong emotion in less than 2 minutes is fantastic.

So from me and my amazing friends, remember to treasure the little moments this season!