A very Apple Christmas

Okay! So this weekend marked huge events in the fantastic Christmas season! Toronto lit up Dundas Square with the annual tree lighting event. Snow fell peacefully atop the thousands that lined the parade route to catch a glimpse of the magic that is the Santa Claus parade. In honor of my sheer love of this amazing season I have included one of my all-time favourite Apple ads.

This ad ran last Christmas. It was literally everywhere; Facebook, YouTube, twitter, TV. You name it, this ad was there.

Apple has been known for tugging at our heart strings on a regular basis but there is something so special about this one. Sure it’s a Christmas ad and everyone with a soul loves Christmas. There is something so enchanting about the gift this young boy gives his family when they are all convinced he is on his “snap chatter”, as my father calls my iPhone, ignoring the family.

They are so so so wrong and I love it!

This boy gave his family the ultimate gift: a video that shows all the love in that house and this season. I get all emotional every time I see it. Not that it’s hard but the fact that Apple can evoke such strong emotion in less than 2 minutes is fantastic.

So from me and my amazing friends, remember to treasure the little moments this season!



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