Sainsbury’s Christmas Miracle


Supporting our troops has always been a very important cause to my family. Growing up my grandmother would never shy away from telling the stories of World War II. Sadly I never had the chance to hear the stories that many of my late relatives had from World War I. Now that I have a boyfriend who will shortly be a full time member, the cause has hit even closer to home.

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, Sainsbury, a supermarket chain in the UK, has recently released an advert that has taken over the internet. This ad shows a Christmas in the trenches of WWI through the eyes of british and german soldiers. It is a beautifully master pieced ad that shows the true meaning of the Christmas spirit; bringing forth two topics that will always be near and dear to my heart. Christmas and supporting our current troops and veterans regardless of what country we live in.

So enjoy your Christmas spirit and splendour!


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