Target, One Man and the Quest for Civility.

Well I am 2 for 2 on the on time posts! Go Me!

Last week though I am going to talk about something that is close to my heart. Support for equality. Target just announce their gender neutral move in their toy department. My opinion? Awesome, really cool idea. Most of America’s opinion? WTF, this is stupid, target sucks. You can likely see the comments all over their Facebook page still. The saddest part of this whole thing is these are likely the same people who openly hate on anyone simply because they can hide behind a keyboard.

I just hope that all of these idiots who do this realize that they can fly their confederate flags and insult people all they want but at the end of the day that is what the rest of the world sees. For people who are supposedly “proud” of their country you sure don’t look it.

Anyway, that was not the point of this article. The point ones what one man did to prove a point, and to be honestly, say what Target likely wanted to say but couldn’t.

Mike Melgaard created a fake Facebook account as a Target customer service agent and went around replying to some of the bone headed things people actually said.

Here are some of my favouties:





And the best one of all…


Facebook eventually shut down the account and ruined everyone’s fun. Target did the right PR thing and released a statement saying that it was not in fact them and they are sorry blah blah blah. But then they did a glorious thing and posted this.


And all was right in the world again.

Happy Monday!



Expereince Friday!

YES THIS ONE IS ON TIME. 50 points to Gryffindor!

635721037550717971-841877428_tina fey

Anyway! Things I learned this week. I really miss the woods. I am one of those people now. I sit and day-dream about all the hikes I could be doing if I didn’t have to be glued to my chair all dang day. But well something has to fund the adventures so pass the super glue?


But yes this city slicker girl has transformed into a beautiful woodland butterfly. Or at least that’s what it looks like in my head. I’m sure if we asked Skipper it would be a very different picture but we don’t need to go there today!

As for work, it has been the phone week from hell. First any calls coming in on line one just didn’t happen, then the internet and the phone went down. That made for an interesting afternoon and just yesterday, when anyone phoned, they could hear me but I couldn’t hear them. Super helpful I know!


Then there is the Kijiji learning curve of 2015. If you use it as a normal person not a business it is painfully straight forward, but spoiler alert, if you use it as a business you may as well give up on uploading any pictures right now.

Yes. So that has been my week. Mix in a head office visit and no new sales since last week and you basically have a recipe for one GIANT disaster. I am now going to proceed home to my bed with a cup of tea and some chips.



Charity Pot and Lush

Okay this is to fantastic not to share. On my lunch break I went to gt some hand cream because well my hands were dried out and lately I have been trying to buy products that have a social and environmental conscious. So off to Lush I went.

A little background, I have been shopping at Lush for a few years now. Slowly converting myself over from using other products. What I love the most is what Lush stands for and maybe that makes me a hippie but what is good for the earth is likely good for me too.


So I talked to the super friendly sales people in there and asked about hand lotion and was directed towards the charity pot. Now this little jar of hand happiness is chalked full of amazing things. Not only does it have olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe in it, but it gives back. 100% of the price before taxes is donated back to grassroots organizations. In fact my little pot of happiness helps Foundation Hubert Lemire, which plants tress and teaches ecology in Haiti to help protect the environment there.

So that is my happy plug for the day!


Old Spice Does it Again

Well they have done it yet again. Old Spice took a totally ridiculous ad and well does what they do best. Made it funny and well not seem like advertising. But it works. Skipper and I watched it last night and guess what he’s getting in his stocking this year?

I’ll let you all enjoy the Old Spice magic for yourselves now.


Experience Friday er… Monday

Well this past week has been full of adventures!

From the usual craziness to coaching soccer and well back country camping I have a few good stories!

To start this week at work was the same as usual. Social media, website maintenance and well answering the phone that seems to never stop. I have found my grove with it all and am actually starting to enjoy it! The social media aspect keeps me writing and there is almost always more that can be done to the website so my hands are always busy.


As for the coaching well it has always been an adventure. I have been volunteer coaching for 6ish years now and this is my first year with soccer and like always, the parents don’t email you and then don’t show up and the kids have boundless energy that is not nearly as infectious as we would all like it to be. On top of that 8 year old boys have the attention span of goldfish and absorb about as much info on a good day so it makes lesson learning a real treat.


As for the camping you can read all about that here. Trust me its good for a laugh!

Keep smiling. Its only Monday,



Was That 4 Years Already?

Well ladies and gentleman it is that time of year again! It is time for the federal election! Let the personal bashing begin.

Now personally I love to hate election time. I get SO sick of the ads where they act like finger pointing 8 year olds throwing mud at each other when these are the individuals who we elect to represent our beautiful nation on an international stage. Sad I know.


The ads are all the same and I won’t waste the internet space on them. They all say why I shouldn’t vote for the other party and maybe it’s just me but I am sick of being told who I shouldn’t vote for. I can ask anyone on the street who I shouldn’t vote for and if they are opinionated enough I will get an answer, I promise.

But I want to know why I should vote for a party. Instead of mud slinging, why don’t they switch it up and promote they’re own platforms. Show the highlights. For example, in your lovely campaign ad tell me your views on abortion, tell me your position on the war on terror and Canada’s role in that. Or even tell me your ideas to help the economy that will likely turn out to be a big pile of lies but at least you are acting like a mature adult about it!

I understand that no smart decision was every made without a little bit of conflict but really? You guys have all year to yell at each other. Why don’t we save it for the house?



Experience Friday? Or Tuesday I guess…

So I have surfaced from la la land! I spent the whole weekend with Skipper meaning even my friends haven’t heard from me in days! Oh well! I guess that’s okay!

Anyway this last week was hard. I was very nervous for the arrival of Skipper and so that made trying to keep myself busy a bit of a trick.


I also ventured into the world of Facebook likes. Head office decided that we needed to attract more people to the Facebook page so my new mission was to increase the page traffic and likes. So we asked the staff to help out which was easy but then a peer of mine at another store suggested we invest in the Facebook ad service.


This my friends is a bit of an adventure. It is very user friendly and the service is awesome. It took a little bit to get it going and I had to play with the ad wording and the demographics it was targeting a little bit to get the ad in front of the right eyes but we got it there and in less than a week we have seen 65 likes out of it so that is fantastic. The challenge was explaining the algorithms to my boss who is not on Facebook and who doesn’t really understand what it is all about. That being said when you compare it to golf all is right in the world.

It has been tough trying to keep up to the never ending list of inventory we keep receiving. I mean I can only build tables so fast guys!

But at the end of it all the week wrapped up and we gained 70+ likes last week and with the count over the weekend we are up to 177 likes as of right now! So that is very exciting and nice to see that I can manage to do something right!