Taylor Swift. The Marketing Queen.

Last week Taylor Swift played the Rogers Center in Toronto on her 1989 World Tour. She had two dates, Friday October 2nd (which I was at) and Saturday October 3rd. Both of her shows were sold out to 50,000 strong crowds of screaming and adoring fans, of which I was one.


Taylor Swift is a musician I grew up with. Yes, she is 7 years my senior but I grew up listening to her music which changed as I did. That is something that is very powerful. It gives you the sense you aren’t alone out there in the crazy years that are, being a teenager. Yes, I went through my hipster phase in which I, under no circumstances would ever admit to listening to T Swift. And then I came out of it and as 22 blasted through my car speakers I realized that I did not care what people thought of my addiction to Queen Swift.

I was never the fan who had her plastered all over my room or has her tweets on notification settings but I do buy her album every release day. I was online the very moment her tickets were on sale and yes I do have my very own pair of Keds by Taylor Swift.

Now that I am in marketing and can appreciate her from an all new level I have realized one thing. She is amazing at what she does.

I think her best selling feature is how true to herself and how genuine she really is. I have been to my fair share of concerts and never have I seen the look that graced her face when 50,000 people sang along to her ever famous “you belong with me”. It was one of  true gratitude and joy. She is someone who was born to do what she does. No marketing tactic can ever portray that message. She herself is her best catch phrase. She is real and relate-able and every girls best friend.

I truly hope that one day I can love my job as much as it looks like she does. So thank you, Taylor for one hell of a night!




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