Coke’s Classic- in 4K

Coke remastered their classic ad from 1971. One that I truly love. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Now, if you will excuse me, I will be over here watching Mad Men. Again.




Today I was going to write about a lovely new coffee shop in downtown Kingston. I logged on to my computer, opened the internet and read about 3 bombings in Brussels this morning that have already claimed the lives of 26 people. I could not bare to go on and write about something like coffee on a morning where innocent lives were taking simply because they had the courage to carry out their day.

Canada recently pulled out of Syria, leaving the bombing of ISIS to other countries. I look at what happened to the people of Belgium today and wonder if we have really made the right decision. The act of terror that was carried out this morning is one that has become all to frequent.

Yes, there are many beautiful things that have happened in the world recently and yes Canada has done wondrous things for the refugees fleeing the war torn Syria, but when do we start to be proactive and protect ourselves? All the humanitarian aid in the world will not protect us when ISIS starts to hurt us.

So on the day of the unveiling of the federal budget, I ask you, Mr. Trudeau, in your budget, is there money to protect Canadians?


Valentines Day; a love hate relationship.

Okay I may be the only human in a relationship on the planet who is not celebrating valentines day. At all. My idea of a “special” date is literally doing the same thing that happens every weekend.

SO! I can still appreciate the beauty of Netflix and chill V-Day version…

The scary part is how well Netflix knows us. And knows our streaming habits. There is nothing healthy about it but it is what it is. So, happy streaming day!



Experience Friday

My day of multitasking!


I won’t lie I got a lot done today. How long it took me is a different story. I finally got a taste of what a career will really be like. I spent the day running around trying to accomplish a few things but life doesn’t run on the time line I need it to and sometimes you have to bend in order to get things done on everyone’s time tables. That being said I did manage to get a contest for the Greg Awards announced. You can check that out on the @slcamc instagram page!



Have we gone to far?

I will soon work in an industry that tries to reach people at all hours of the day regardless of where they are. But where does that stop? When is enough enough? When is the point where we say “okay that’s enough, we have invaded to much?”

Recently I read an article that was predicting the future of advertising and where we might end up. It was scary. Currently one of the few places left where we don’t have to see ads is in our sleep. Well sadly that may be no longer. In fact, according to a Dutch production company, that may be the next frontier of advertising.

Do I have an issue with this? Absolutely, dreams are our bodies way to process what has happened during the day. It is a natural process that can tell you a lot about your overall health. My sleep habits were what ultimately lead to my anxiety diagnosis. Those dreams are special places that are not to be disturbed. There is a line and ALL marketers need to be very aware of it.

So please, to those who came before me and currently have a stronger voice than I do; put a stop to this before it becomes more than just a short film.

Find out more here.