Your September Survival Guide


With classes approaching, your bank account breaking, and your teachers breathing down your back, being a student is harder than it has ever been. This is your third and last year at university and September is here, meaning your life is about to flip.  They say your uni years are the easiest you’ll ever have in your life, but we’d argue that being a poor, knackered, perpetually hungover student does come with its challenges, too!

We’re here to share our 7 September Survival Skills. Don’t let September beat you.

Sleep – set two alarms, try and have a bed time



Health – go to the gym, join intramurals



Social – join a club, sit with someone new in class 



Be Proactive– don’t let time in between classes go to waste 

Drinking – you don’t need to go to every Tumble Tuesday, just because it’s cheap night doesn’t mean you have to go out – know when to call it a night 

Food – the better you eat the better you will feel, meal prep – cook for two or three 



Budget – set a weekly budget and try your hardest to not go over it 



Whether you’re off to college or university, September marks the beginning of a new year full of new opportunities. You’re going to meet people of all different kinds, make the worst mistakes of your life, burn your dinner, gain a few pounds and probably fail a text or two and that’s part of all the fun. Either way, you’ve almost made it. You’ve almost crossed the finish line.  So, have a great year, focus, have fun, and just do your thing.


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