An Interesting Concept…

I’m sorry I truly never thought that a beer company would be marketing moderate drinking on a world wide scale but I have been proven wrong. Heineken has done it and well they have done well.

According to the Adweek article which you can read here, Heineken’s CMO, Nuno Teles, has stated that all of us crazed millennials don’t want to be out of control. We want to be in control of our reputations and in turn, destiny’s.

There is no doubt in my mind that the biggest driver in this recent move towards responsible and moderate drinking is the fact that if you act like an idiot the odds of that appearing on social media outlets is pretty damn good.

It is really interesting just how far our power goes and these ads are a prime example of that. Heineken knows that by doing this they could potentially be losing money. That being said they are talking to millennials from the same side of the conversation. By making our new fad “cool” they have just engaged their consumer base in a whole new way. They are now going after millennials by partnering with us and trying to find that common ground to stand on. Instead of trying to change the mind of the consumer they are working with the decisions already made. Cool move, Heineken.


Watch two of their ads below




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