It’s time, Canada

The time has come once again for Canada as a nation to rally around our team and our sport. The world junior’s are once again in full swing. This year, live from Finland. In my house we go nuts. No matter what else is going on during the holidays you can find all of use huddled around our TV watching Canada do what we do best, play hockey. In fact the only thing that prevents us from not being in front of the TV is when my brother is playing in his own games.

It is crazy really. I mean there are plenty of games throughout the year that can be watch but for whatever reason there is something special about this tournament. Maybe its the jersey’s or the national pride. Whatever it is, its magic.

With national pride and hockey comes the ads. Yes there are some good ones this year, my favourite being a Molson Canadian ad. The one below if you are curious. But I am going to take this time to show some of my favourites from the past few years.

Another is this spot from Nike in 2013

And finally another from Nike, the 2012 WJC spot.

As a Canadian, I love my beer and I love my hockey but the one thing I find more powerful than anything else is how hockey brings all Canadians together, from coast to coast to coast we all sat waiting for Crosby to score the winning goal during the gold medal game in the 2010 winter games. In fact I can still tell you how it scored and the deafening cheer that was heard across the nation that day. I can tell you that the country was all together in tears when we lost the gold medal game at this very tournament in 2010 in Saskatoon.

Hockey is one of those things that brings us together no matter the political drama of the 2014 games in Russia, or the heart break of losing a gold medal in 2010. Like Canadian Tire showed us, we all play for Canada.



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