The Marketing Fail at the Mall

Hello wonderful people!

Hope you all are well. I wanted to inform you of what not to do when marketing a store launch!

So I was wondering through the mall trying to get my phone fixed and I came across this…


Now I am a very curious person so I walked around the ENTIRE wrap looking for a name and well guess what I found.


Not a single name anywhere!

I am sorry but if I have to go to the help desk in the mall to find out who you are then well the strategy is not working. At all.

I did a little digging and apparently this company, Hyba is owned by Reitmans. You can check out their collection here. You’d think with the success Reitmans had with their funny marketing campaign from a few years back they would know how to market properly but I guess I was wrong. Sigh.

Anyway! It is time for yoga. Enjoy your day!



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