Experience Friday. The Summer Time Edition.

It has been a ride. I have done so much in 4 short months. I have grown and changed. I had an amazing time and truthfully I can’t wait to get back to school and learn more this year. This program has done so much for me and I made the best decision to come to SLC.


To start I am going to do a quick numbers recap. Hold on

In 4 months…

2 jobs
4 provinces
6 cities
2 campgrounds
5 trails (hiked to many times to count)
4 beaches
4 ‘hellos’
6 ‘goodbyes’
1 social media meltdown
and 1 unforgettable Kenny Chesney concert

I have really done it all. But what have I learned?

Disconnecting is important


I am the person who will/would spend every second I could working but that is not healthy. PEI, Camping, Hiking, and Skipper have shown me that I do my best work when I have had time away from the work. I hope I can add that into my school year and become more successful because of it.

Social Media will make you honest

This summer I saw how fantastic social media can be but I also saw the dark side of it and how as much as it is fantastic, it also gives people power. It lets them be faceless. All of a sudden they can say whatever they want from behind a computer and feel invincible regardless of how horrible/hurtful their words can be. So my advice? Don’t give people the chance to hurt you. Stay honest and stay true to you. And always always always be aware of the things you are posting online.

Work hard and good things will come your way.


At the beginning of the summer I was worried about where I would be working in the fall. I was told this was a summer job only and then well the web designer left us and all the responsibility fell onto my small shoulders. I am now happy to say that my hard work and ability to adjust and wear many hats has lead to me keeping my job for the school year and as long as I would like to.

Be kind and patient.


Being 19 in a world that is still young with computes means that well I was not an old dog needing to learn new tricks. I was the puppy, eager and wanting to play with them and that has meant that I am the most fluent in my office where everyone is 20+ years my senior. This means that I get a lot of what I would consider basic questions and you can’t get annoyed or put them down because they can’t convert a PDF or reset passwords because I don’t know a lot about the business world or have the deep experience they do. The best way to tap into that knowledge is to form a partnership and be patient.

Be professional.

This is my last point and I cannot stress this enough. You MUST be professional. At 19 many of my peers and occasionally me as well have been known to have a lot of fun being young, which is fine and expected but you have to clean up your act in the office the next day. Act mature. Act like  grown up and present yourself in a way that well makes you reliable and a needed addition to any team. Don’t be the co worker who was caught smoking pot in the washroom. No one wants to hire that guy.


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