Charity Pot and Lush

Okay this is to fantastic not to share. On my lunch break I went to gt some hand cream because well my hands were dried out and lately I have been trying to buy products that have a social and environmental conscious. So off to Lush I went.

A little background, I have been shopping at Lush for a few years now. Slowly converting myself over from using other products. What I love the most is what Lush stands for and maybe that makes me a hippie but what is good for the earth is likely good for me too.


So I talked to the super friendly sales people in there and asked about hand lotion and was directed towards the charity pot. Now this little jar of hand happiness is chalked full of amazing things. Not only does it have olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe in it, but it gives back. 100% of the price before taxes is donated back to grassroots organizations. In fact my little pot of happiness helps Foundation Hubert Lemire, which plants tress and teaches ecology in Haiti to help protect the environment there.

So that is my happy plug for the day!



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