Experience Friday er… Monday

Well this past week has been full of adventures!

From the usual craziness to coaching soccer and well back country camping I have a few good stories!

To start this week at work was the same as usual. Social media, website maintenance and well answering the phone that seems to never stop. I have found my grove with it all and am actually starting to enjoy it! The social media aspect keeps me writing and there is almost always more that can be done to the website so my hands are always busy.


As for the coaching well it has always been an adventure. I have been volunteer coaching for 6ish years now and this is my first year with soccer and like always, the parents don’t email you and then don’t show up and the kids have boundless energy that is not nearly as infectious as we would all like it to be. On top of that 8 year old boys have the attention span of goldfish and absorb about as much info on a good day so it makes lesson learning a real treat.


As for the camping you can read all about that here. Trust me its good for a laugh!

Keep smiling. Its only Monday,




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