Was That 4 Years Already?

Well ladies and gentleman it is that time of year again! It is time for the federal election! Let the personal bashing begin.

Now personally I love to hate election time. I get SO sick of the ads where they act like finger pointing 8 year olds throwing mud at each other when these are the individuals who we elect to represent our beautiful nation on an international stage. Sad I know.


The ads are all the same and I won’t waste the internet space on them. They all say why I shouldn’t vote for the other party and maybe it’s just me but I am sick of being told who I shouldn’t vote for. I can ask anyone on the street who I shouldn’t vote for and if they are opinionated enough I will get an answer, I promise.

But I want to know why I should vote for a party. Instead of mud slinging, why don’t they switch it up and promote they’re own platforms. Show the highlights. For example, in your lovely campaign ad tell me your views on abortion, tell me your position on the war on terror and Canada’s role in that. Or even tell me your ideas to help the economy that will likely turn out to be a big pile of lies but at least you are acting like a mature adult about it!

I understand that no smart decision was every made without a little bit of conflict but really? You guys have all year to yell at each other. Why don’t we save it for the house?




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