Experience Friday? Or Tuesday I guess…

So I have surfaced from la la land! I spent the whole weekend with Skipper meaning even my friends haven’t heard from me in days! Oh well! I guess that’s okay!

Anyway this last week was hard. I was very nervous for the arrival of Skipper and so that made trying to keep myself busy a bit of a trick.


I also ventured into the world of Facebook likes. Head office decided that we needed to attract more people to the Facebook page so my new mission was to increase the page traffic and likes. So we asked the staff to help out which was easy but then a peer of mine at another store suggested we invest in the Facebook ad service.


This my friends is a bit of an adventure. It is very user friendly and the service is awesome. It took a little bit to get it going and I had to play with the ad wording and the demographics it was targeting a little bit to get the ad in front of the right eyes but we got it there and in less than a week we have seen 65 likes out of it so that is fantastic. The challenge was explaining the algorithms to my boss who is not on Facebook and who doesn’t really understand what it is all about. That being said when you compare it to golf all is right in the world.

It has been tough trying to keep up to the never ending list of inventory we keep receiving. I mean I can only build tables so fast guys!

But at the end of it all the week wrapped up and we gained 70+ likes last week and with the count over the weekend we are up to 177 likes as of right now! So that is very exciting and nice to see that I can manage to do something right!




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