Experience Friday well Monday I guess…

So when I left on Friday I was not really in the mood to touch anything remotely related to the internet. Since becoming the half a web designer lets just say I have learned a few things and most of those things revolve around the internet being a pain in my ass.

th 4

I use to look at the internet as this beautiful tool sent from the universe to help me write papers and well not write paper, hello automatic next episode on Netflix!


But now I have been faced with the true side of the internet. The evil, soul sucking, computer smashing, hair pulling side of the internet that makes me want to scream. So thank you web based software for showing me your true colours. And you good sir, are no better than my cheating ex! *sticks tongue out*

th 5

Lets just say last week made me long for the days where my biggest issue was smashing my knee into a table or dropping it on my foot. Or falling out of a trailer backwards. Yes, that did happen and no, I am not proud of it. So here is to hoping this week is quick and a little bit better. Skipper gets home on Friday and I am trying to not be a raging ball of I’m going to smash the world but I make no promises!


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