Humpday Fun!

Well its actually lets be jealous of my super awesome vacation day! You are welcome, internet!!

I am just so funny!

Anyway! My family and I took 10 days and visited a few beautiful places including Canada’s little red rock, Prince Edward Island! Other stops included Old Quebec City and Moncton, New Brunswick. The point of this holiday was to just get a way for a little while and to see apart of this beautiful country that we had not. And trust me beautiful does not do it justice. It is an absolutely perfect little island. I loved every moment of it.

Sadly, Skipper was still off in BC for training and couldn’t make it out with us. Yes I know it is all horribly sad and I missed him very very much the whole time we were there!

The whole trip was spectacular but traveling through 4 provinces that are vastly different really gives you perspective and well the ability to look at how marketing is very different depending on the region. I noticed this huge difference in Quebec the most. Aside from 99.9% of the ads being in only french the one thing that was very different was the style of them. At least where I was in Quebec City. Everything was very editorial and high fashion. I didn’t see very many ads featuring everyday normal people wearing normal clothes. Many of these ads looked like they came out of The Capital from The Hunger Games if I am being 100% honest.


It was weird to see. Growing up out west meant that I am very use to John Deer ads and others for crop fertilizer and other boy like beer ads that came on during the CFL games. So that meant that the whole high fashion ads were a little out of my ordinary. This really completed my whole European vacation in Canada experience.

Sadly I wasn’t in beautiful New Brunswick long enough to see any of their ads. We stayed on the Trans Canada highway the whole way through which made for some amazing sites but sadly, no billboards.

Now once we were in PEI the one that I noticed was their lack of outdoor advertising done in several traditional methods that us City kids are use to. Even in Charlottetown. Yes there were transit ads and I am sure the inside of their super cute trolly style buses are decked out with the standard public transit ads. But there were no billboards that I saw. Everything there is very low key and relax. I get the feeling they are more interested in being outside experiencing life than staring at advertisements that block the view.

Like I said I loved every second I spent on Canada’s beautiful red island and I truly cannot wait until I am back. From the peaceful waves of the ocean to the rich history and culture I will always miss my visit. My travels to the island helped me reconnect with myself but it also reminded me why I am so blessed to live in the amazing country I do. Canada will always be my home and my favourite place in the world to be so thank you Prince Edward Island for reminding me that I am so fortunate to be able to call this stunning place home.

Canadian Flag


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