One photographer and Mission 22

This week has already been emotional. Skipper is off soon and that means high emotions as I get ready for goodbye. But lately there has been another high emotion, a protective one. RMC has been under a lot of media attention lately and I am not going to get into it because it makes my blood boil. I understand the situation and what it means and everything else and I know that sexual assault is wrong regardless of the gender of the victim but the situation still irks me.

I am protective and loyal by nature. Skipper calls me his golden retriever on steroids some days and so it is hard for me to watch the ad I am about to mention as well as see what is going on at the college lately. That being said it brings me hope because even though this ad is targeting American service men and women it means there is hope for them all because we need to stand behind our troops and support them through every stage of their careers because without them or world would look very different.

22 american service members commit suicide Every. Single. Day. 22. That is 22 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters taken away from their families. 22. That is 8,030 people a year. That is to many. 22 is to many. 1 is to many. This members made it home. They came back and when they come back, before they go and the whole time they are on deployment they need support. So thank you Mission 22 for doing what you do and bringing awareness to a cause that desperately needs it.

Wounded Warriors is a Canadian Non-Profit that helps returning soldiers deal with PTSD while supporting their families as well. They do incredible work every day to help our returning troops.

Remember if you don’t stand behind our troops, fell free to stand in front of them.


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