Writing, Writing and More Writing!

This week was weird. Mostly because Monday was the holiday and I, for whatever reason, get all messed up when I have a day off. Although I will be forever grateful for that time which I will explain in my post tomorrow. Now, back to the good stuff.


Work is mostly the same. A lot of pictures and descriptions of trailers that needed to be done. Also, IT HAPPENED. Ladies and Gentlemen. There are 2 posts that I wrote on the Facebook and Twitter site. Yep I am awesome. Not really actually it took a lot of changes to get them to where they are but they are up and I think its cool.


I mean I get to write and I get to write and then I get paid to write so what could possible be wrong with that?

That is really all that happened this week because well it was 4 days long.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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