Once Upon a Time in a Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is the time of year that we all come together and sit in front of our TV’s at night and cry at all the sappy and heart warming ads about just how awesome Mom really is. And she is pretty awesome. She gave you life and if your mom is as cool as mine she because one of your closet friends.

When I saw this on Adweek yesterday evening I couldn’t help myself because as much as I know my mom loves me she will totally be like the moms in this video. I mean its entertaining reading the texts I get since she discovered emojis so I can only image what’s going to happen when I end up working in a job that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

The video is all kinds of funny and heartwarming. Its true, they don’t really know what their kids do for a living but at the end of they love their kids very much. I can’t speak for the people in the video but I wouldn’t be who I am without my mom.

Here is video. And if you didn’t get to spend time with your mom yesterday, make sure you call her and tell her just how awesome she is.


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