Experience Friday…

So this week was better. A lot better actually. It started out pretty slow with mostly boring old filing and things of that nature but by the end of the week the work started to finally pick up. I know when you start a new job you have to prove yourself a little and kinda show that you can actually do all the cool stuff you said you could do in the interview. So I understand why I was bored to tears last week. Its cool, I get it, no hard feelings. So when this week rolled around and I was handed ACTUAL work that was both fun and relatively important I may have done a silent little happy dance or 3…


I spend most of my days running around the lot taking pictures of RV’s. There was around 25-30 RV’s that had to be photographed and put up on the site. And that doesn’t include all the RV’s that arrive everyday. So it keeps me very very busy, which is nice, you don’t notice the time going buy until its 3 minutes to 5 and they’re trying to kick you out. Then it’s a mad panic to see how many words you can type in 30 seconds, which isn’t many when you take out all the ones that just look like random letters all thrown together.

It is exciting getting the new trailers, especially the one that arrived yesterday morning. Its a really pretty $75,000 dollar one that is bigger than most people’s first apartments. I totally felt like I was going to break it the whole time I was standing in it.

I am starting to get to do more marketing types things. Obviously they didn’t just hand me all the passwords along with the keys to the kingdom but I get to work on body copy for some social media posts and help with suggestions so that’s pretty exciting as well!

Here is a little Ryan Gosling to help you through your Friday!

th ds


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