Pitch Perfect 2 and the Quest for Smooth Legs

I don’t know about you but I LOVED Pitch Perfect so when I heard about this ad I could not help myself!

Please watch the ad first because I’d hate to give away to much!

So it’s hilarious. I have seen it like 15 times and I still laugh. In my opinion it is hands down one of the best and most captivating ads since the PC vs. Mac ads which are the reason I am doing what I am. But back to the ad. Like I said its hilarious and makes me desperately want to live in house where the team name is Basic Pitches. That is wonderful on far to many levels. I mean look at that house! A) its huge! and B) they sing and dance all the time and its only implied that they go to school! #nomoregroupwork you can read my rant about that if you click that fancy little hashtag!

The leg selfie does worry me a little. I personally have a hard enough time trying to avoid cutting myself so much that it looks like I crawled through a jungle on my knees. Also, the whole dancing with razor bit is freaky. Yes I know they were just props but I still could not help but cringe a little. But it all works out because if you shave your legs you will have more numbers than the stock exchange.

The ad really nailed its purpose. The agency responsible should be proud. Both Schick and Skintimate get their brand associated with Pitch Perfect and all the hype building right now for the release of the squeal, but they are also positioned in a humorous and positive way in the minds of college aged females everywhere. I’m soon to be working in the industry and even I considered buying their products on my next trip to the drug store! So they really did an amazing job with the execution of this ad.

And just because there are 37 days left until the magical release of the long awaited Pitch Perfect 2; here is the trailer!

Well ladies now my stubble doesn’t stand a chance either! Remember ready, shave, shine!


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