The Clothes. The Love.

Okay I love my clothes and shoes. A LOT. Like major big time. Sometimes even more than my boyfriend (shhh). No I am not high fashion by any means. I simply love what I like.

Now one day when I was wandering around the inter-webs looking for some design inspiration for a campaign I was working on in class I stumbled upon the Terre Des Femme’s super awesome ads. Terre De Femme is a women’s rights group in Europe.

terre_des_femmes_aotw terre_des_femmes2_aotw terre_des_femmes3_aotw

Yes I know that they’re talking about the gender biases that women face based on the close they wear which is totally dumb by the way. If you want to let your hair down and *gasp* wear a short dress then do it! The world is your playground, girl!

But really they are stunning ads that speak volumes in a few simple words. They way they use negative space to draw interest towards the measuring words is captivating. I love how they used a pale colour pallet. This will stand out a lot in a world full of high colour ads for sure.

The one thing that I love the most about these ads is yes their message but how simply they communicate it. There isn’t a need for reams of body copy. A simple tagline at the bottom is really all that’s needed to make these ads stand out.

The sad part about this is how true it really is. It is sadly still around. I hear guys call girls many of these names simply by looking at what they are wearing without getting to know them at all. I am sure similar words have been used about me to. I would love to meet the guy who has said the words and show him that I am and never will fit any of the labels he hap hazardly threw my way because he thought he could tell the type of person I am by just glancing at the hem line on my skirt.

So hats off to you Terre De Femme! And to any guys out there who still do this, next time you need to call a girl a name because of the height of her heels, go talk to her first. You’d be surprised what you find.

Lastly to all you lovely ladies, wear whatever the hell you like, and paint the town whatever colour you want because at the end of the day you have to be true to you and no one else.


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