The Most Creatively Painful Experiences of My Life

Have you ever thought about how much time and energy goes into developing a creative advertising strategy?

It’s A LOT just in case you were actually wondering. It’s even more time when you are a first year student at St. Lawrence College still bumbling your way around a marketing textbook never mind the actual client meeting. And trust me this experience has been anything but smooth.

I have learned a lot from this project about working in groups and how to successfully develop ads both print and video as well as develop the actual creative plan from meeting with the client to finalizing the creative brief that will eventually be executed. The single biggest most important lesson I have learned throughout this entire project and really the whole semester is pick your group members carefully.

I was never the kid in high school who went looking for group work because for me group work meant I had to do my share as well as the sections for the other three people in the group. Stupidly when I got to college I figured everyone had grown up enough to do their share, sadly I was wrong.

I have loved every single second I have spent working on this project. I feel like this work matters and that I am paying for an education that will be worth my while and will give me the skills to do well in my career. Working with so many challenges from a client perspective has really energized me and allowed me to get really excited about trying to help people who don’t have a background close to mine. That being said working with unmotivated people on a project that runs the entire semester over the course of two different classes with two more that are very involved in the development of this project is no walk in the park. I hate conflict more than any other human on the planet and I will do almost anything to avoid it. Almost being the key word in that sentence. I won’t allow group conflict to put my GPA or reputation at risk. Sometimes it annoys me how much pride I associate with my school work but it is the one thing that will forever be very important to me. So when I have to drag people kicking and screaming through projects to just get some kind of work done it really drives me nuts. This project has literally sent me home so stressed out that I have sat and cried for hours on end from shear stress and aggravation.


If there are 3 things this project will leave me with it is

  1. Pick your group members wisely
  2. I have more patience than I thought
  3. I now know many many conflict resolution strategies


All in all I love this program and all the challenges it throws at me. I grow everyday as a person.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you during group work?


6 thoughts on “The Most Creatively Painful Experiences of My Life

  1. Mackenzie that was well put! Any person who’s had to work in a group and experienced those things totally gets it! I particularly like the part where you said, “I figured everyone had grown up enough to do their share, sadly I was wrong”.

    One of the craziest things I’ve experienced in a group was the amount of babysitting I had to do. Or the amount of explaining how to do something over and over, yet they still don’t do it!! Is it ever frustrating!

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  2. Mackenzie, I completely agree with you! I had the same experience with you and I totally feel your pain. When we think we’re done with high school groups drama we figure out that we are wrong!

    Let’s focus on the positive side of it, the whole learning behind the project. That’s the best we can do to push away the frustration!


  3. I loved how honest your post was! Where you didn’t dodge around the fact that working in a group you didn’t get to pick is hard and tests you in more ways than one.

    Just from reading your post, I can sense how much you’ve grown throughout this process, and despite the fact that if you could, you would probably go back and change a lot of things, you survived! Unfortunately, when high school is over you think group projects are done, then college starts and you’re back in them. This is probably going to continue into your professional career although I hope at that point people you work with will value their job/wage/etc. and put in the work necessary to do a great job for whichever client.


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