Ikea’s ode to Home


The Home. The place we cry, laugh, dance, love, play, hurt and just be ourselves. The only place that will always welcome you back with open arms regardless of what happened that day. It never judges, only loves and sometimes it is the only thing you can rely on.

This ad developed by the master of homes; Ikea starts out showing the exterior of different homes before the narrator launches into a description about the home and how marvelous they are. Ikea really nails this piece and hits the audience where it counts, calling on the power of emotional appeal strategies to drive home the one very clear message that resonates with every human on the planet; we all need a place in this crazy world to belong and be ourselves and that place is home.

Ikea acknowledges that everyone’s definition of home is different whether it is an apartment, house, mansion, log cabin, tent or lean to; everyone has got one and everyone needs one.

Moving around a lot as a child painted a bit of a different picture of what home is; this picture isn’t right or wrong but simply mine. Home to me is where I am and where I am most comfortable being with the people I am most comfortable with.  Now when you are 16 and moving for the third time things are a little different but at 19 and getting ready to move out for myself the definition has changed again. Home isn’t really where mom and dad are anymore, home for me right now at this point in my life is where my current adventure is.  And Ikea really appeals to everyone with this ad an shares a very important message, that no matter where you go or what you see home will always be there in whatever definition you need it to be.


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