A taste of home


I seem to have a theme going with Christmas and air transportation companies lately! Air Canada released an ad that I literally saw 10 minutes ago on YouTube while looking up a Hozier video. This ad takes to a bar in London, England called The Maple Leaf. Apparently it’s where Canadians go when they need a little taste of home. (I don’t think Timmie’s is included in the beer pricing) To make a long story short, Air Canada pilots and flight attendants show up and hand out free round trip air fare to Canada for the holidays.

Now being a proud Canadian and a broke college student, this ad hits home. I have traveled a lot with my family, and one of my favourite parts of traveling internationally is clearing customs and making my way to a Tim Horton’s. There is literally nothing better than a welcome home chocolate dip and hot chocolate. I am lucky enough to find myself at home for the holidays so it breaks my heart to see people stuck away from their families this time of year.

I know Air Canada released this to compete with WestJet but this time of year it’s just nice to see huge companies like Air Canada doing good and giving the gift of home. That will also be the best gift on earth.


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