Recently, Emma Watson, who played one of the most beloved characters the world has ever seen; Hermione Granger, gave a speech at the United Nations Assembly. Now this wasn’t just any speech. This speech has the potential to define a generation.

The speech she gave was breath taking and shocking and perfectly accurate. This amazing gift to humanity was on one of the biggest elephants in the room; gender equality. Now I’m sure by now you are asking yourself what in the word gender equality or feminism could have to do with advertising but I think you may be surprised

You see if this whole “He for She” project works (which for the record, I am praying to every god out there it does) we will start to see a massive change in the way advertisers market to their audiences. No longer will half naked men and women who have been completely altered with the beauty of digital editing to make them look absolutely perfect and youthful in every way possible be accepted.

Finally real men and women will be able to look at ads and magazines and feel good about themselves instead of trying to figure out how many more hours at the gym or meals skipped it will take to look like those models. We may actually be allowed to be happy with ourselves as who we were genetically designed to be.

This will force the marketing world to make a positive change; they may have to stop marketing to people’s insecurities and start marketing to more wholesome values again.

Obviously this change won’t happen overnight but like Miss Watson said, if we all stand together and free each other from gender stereotypes it will happen.



Hermione Granger Brings Change to the World

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